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'Bout that UN Arms Treaty...

The vote on the Inhofe Amendment:

"Statement of Purpose: To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty."

My Senators voted as I would have wished. While I am supportive of many of the intents of the treaty (regulating the legitimate interstate trade and smuggling of small arms and, for that matter, "large" arms, I am not for an international treaty that simply says, "The US Constitution is null and void when inconvenient to our aims."

So, here's how everyone voted (one wonders why Lautenberg didn't vote - he's never seen a chance to disarm people he didn't like):


Note that 8 stalwart Democratic Senators voted for the Amendment to keep the Treaty out of our country. I have listed these 8 patriots on my site: If they represent YOU, or even if they don't, it's appropriate that patriots recognize their own. Go to their websites and express your thanks for voting on Amendment 139 to the Budget Bill. OTOH, if your Senator(s) was/were part of the cabal of idiots who voted to subjugate the US Constitution to the United Nations, it's entirely appropriate to go to THEIR websites and remind them of the oath of office which they swore to. I'll be doing that today to my Senators, Wyden and Merkley.
THose who voted "NAY" are enemies of liberty and show that the do NOT support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I don't knkow if you could get a treason conviction based on this vote alone, but  it sure shows who with us and who's against us.
Naturally my two boneheads (Gillebrand & Schumer) voted Nay... placing them in  company with such stalwart defenders of liberty as Franken of Minnesota.

Writing from the People's Republic of New York,
 Frank, at least you're still writing from the PDR of New Yawk. That might not continue for too long. Cuomo has to be peed off, because he had to admit defeat on the seven-round magazines, and that part of the traitorous "Safe" bill is suspended.
 Ha!  Only one of my two ejits voted "Nay"!!!

Oh, wait.......I only have one right now.  The other left to save the world from reason and logic.