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As sequestration takes hold...

 ...most of the nation doesn't really notice, despite the flailings of the Administration to convince us that "Ermagerd!  The World Is Ending!"

However, for *some* of us - that is a real possibility.  Right now, as a contractor on a funded contract...  I'm watching my government compatriots wrestle with this, as I and two other contractors may well be the only ones at work on Fridays...

As Doctrine Man explains (and the pic embiggens):

That is, until 1 October, when I will be serving my government compatriots fries with their burgers.

Mind you, we already *do* "Hawaiian Shirt Fridays..."   The problem for you proles is we'll now be doing it in publick, vice hidden behind the old disciplinary barracks walls...


I went through the draw down that resulted from the "peace dividend" when the USSR folded like the corrupt puppet house of cards that the democrats propted up for decades. 
Now we are cutting our defense to save money (not balance our budget by any stretch of the imagination) so we can spend more money we don't have on bridges to no where and republican voter purchase programs (gotta get a dig at both sides so we can be bi-partisian).
Is there any thought at higher as to what these cuts will produce in the long run?
Opps my bad, I assumed that there is ever any thoughts at higher about anything other than their own personal fiefdoms.

There have always been draw downs after any major engagement, this is different. In the past we always looked to the military and saw an orginization to large for the "peacetime" that would of course last forever and ever. and then shape the new force along the smaller model size. In our history we have never been very good at shaping that force, but at least we had some idea of what we wanted the finial shape to be and tried to get it there.

Our wonderful leadership, (I include both parties in this condemnation, one may be out of power but I don't hear them sounding the alarms, just grumbling around the edges), have decided to just cut dollar amounts so they can use that money to by votes back home.

No due deliberation on what the cuts will do to our national defense or our military members.

How can the end result be anything but tradgic?

The hubris of a ruling political class out of touch with the real world did not stop with the Romans at the fall of the Roman Empire, it is alive and well in DC.
Our nation will pay the price for accepting leadership this far gone.

Rant over, please enjoy the rest of your show
Livin' down to your nick today, ain't we Sarge?
 Hard not to be grumpy given what we are facing.

A small question, Mr Armorer, Sir. Are you doing #5 with Centurian since you used to be an OC for him? Just for old times sake, that is?
Qm, I suspect that those guns are no longer allowed, and that all are hunkering down and doing their best to maintain an absolute poker face, and answering with minimum information, when asked questions on any subject whatsoever.