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Apparently not Photoshopped...

 Here's a better version of the pic of that Saiga-12 from yesterday.

The pic embiggens.

And a write-up from CheaperThanDirt about the Saiga-12 in general.

I don’t know the truth about how the Saiga-12 was invented, but I like to think it involved some bored Izhmash employees, a whole lot of vodka, and a crazy bet about who could chamber a Kalashnikov in the biggest caliber possible. Yuri’s 12-gauge was the winner of the impromptu competition, so he won a big furry hat and his design got put into production to sell to those silly Americans who will buy anything Kalashnikov.


Can't think of a better explanation.
Open (aka "If you can afford it, you can have it") Division in 3-gun competition.

For what that gun costs, you could buy yourself a very nice 1941 Johnson, or G.43.  Or maybe both.
No, not photoshopped, just a very expensive (and specialized) custom job, based on the Saiga-12.

Double muzzle brake, super-extended mag (yay duct tape!), extended magwell, M-4 stock, and you can bet the insides are tuned, polished, etc.
Oddly enough, I don't want one.  I'd take it as a gift, but I don't want one.  If I'm going to spend that kind of money - then a Johnson M1941 it is!
I'm into Mr. Simonov's product meself. Nothing against Mikhail, however.

Actually, wouldn't mind having an AK, it's just that priorities got in the way, alas. The sort that tends to force themselves on you, from time to time.
Yah, Qm, I remember your mentioning family problems, with lawyers added. I, too, have had those. Feeling a need to take up for My People,  I do hope and pray (really) that everything comes out OK for that excessively earnest and socially awkward grandson of yours. (Assuming that's the one you were talking about)