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Ack. Alex Jones and Infowars. Good googly moogly folks.

Alex Jones, fear-mongering maven of irresponsibility, enabled by Drudge. I'm almost embarassed to link to this, except too many of you listen to his drivel - by derivation, as others propagate it.

Fact check time. The majority of these videos were all taken in southern Arizona and California. This suggests that they are redeploying vehicles from Europe and Afghanistan and are coming back home for storage, and decommisioning at the Yermo Marine Annex Depot Storage facility east of Kingman, AZ, or the depot at Barstow, California, or are unit vehicles being sent to Fort Irwin for an NTC rotation. DOD routinely moves stuff like this, but with the drawdown from the wars and in the forces, as well as the planned "reset" where vehicles are to be rehabbed and stored against future needs means that more of this stuff than we're used to seeing is on the move.

Drudge should quit feeding the Alex Jones monster.

I remember the "Ermagerd! The UN Army is in Mississippi!" when the trains moving M113s painted UN white with "UN" on the sides were headed for the ports from the depot for shipment to the Balkans.

Or the "Ermagerd! There was a black helicopter with a cannon on it hovering over my house!" in Louisiana when Fort Polk became the Joint Readiness Training Center and the SOF birds started flying there. The "cannon" was the refueling probe.

Or the "Ermagerd! There are two Chinese divisions in the woods at Fort Lewis because Clinton is going to use them to suspend the Constitution and take over the gubbermint!" when a Japanese Ground Self Defense Force tank battalion was conducting training at Yakima.


Makes you wonder why he's not reporting that maybe we're positioning materiel for an invasion of Mexico? LOL
Good thing he didn't see us Canadians training in Utah or YFC
A friend of mine, who died a few years ago, used to drive me nuts with his conspiracy theories. The gubmint is going to put the mark of the beast on our foreheads for us to get Social Security checks, Aldi's is from East Germany where their home office is.

I tried to tell him it's like the little boy who cried wolf, after awhile you just filter out anything he says. I guess conspiracy theorists can't help themselves but the problem is that when people on the other side looks over and sees they share some of the beliefs those on the right do we all get tarred with the same brush.
Alex Jones is a product of the same government program that produced Hal Turner.

right after the Sweeney Seige in hamilton,MA the FBI tried to recruit me to do the same thing and said I would be training under "that guy we have from texas...jones..alex I think". I was to say things that just bordered on legal, and get people riled up enough to act.  they tell me what they did I was supposed to pass this on to an FBI "handler". for this I would recieve a rather large check as a bounty, and continuing enducation on how to stay on that legal edge where I wouldn't get prosecuted for what I said.

this was 1998-99 I told them to go to hell.
Well, yeah, Colin - because then it was true!  You guys do that stuff as practice for the Great Maple Syrup Invasion of 2015.

Yer not foolin' me.
I'm sure right after the Great Canuckistani Invasion of 2014 we'll have Gay Marriage and Chicks in Combat forced on us. Then the US will really go to hell in a hand basket. Soviet Canuckistan is the reservoir of all evil in the western hemisphere. Just sayin'.
John of Argghhh!: You been reading LFD by John Ringo again?
I pretty much automatically start discounting people when they start listening to Alex Jones.

This heuristic has served me very, very well.
 So the reports of DHS purchasing 2700 MRAP vehicles is false then?  
It would not surprise me to learn that DHS is doing some really stupid things to support their delusion fears of domestic terrorism. Evidence has thus far proved elusive as most of it is of this ilk - totally laughable and instantly debunked by any number of former E-4's who know better. Guys who have spent time at the Yermo rail yard know quite a bit more than 99% of the Tin Foil Hat crowd.
Sigi - the problem is that people don't always know that what they're reading is from Infowars.

And it doesn't help, in a sense, that Jone's basic data may well at correct - it's the way he concatenates disparate data and the conclusions he draws.

Steve - is there any sourcing to that story of 2700 MRAPs that doesn't somehow trail back to Jones?



This is too funny. It must be nice to go through life without using drugs for your high!

First video: @ 50% of the vehicles are 5 ton or HEMTT logistics vehicles; highly dangerous to us civilians. (Narrator even says, "I don't know what that is." 
Closed containers become "part of the 2 billion rounds of 9mm."

Third and fourth video : Bradleys and M1 tanks, HEMTT fuellers; combined it looks like roughly a Mech Infantry Brigade set? On its way to Ft. Irwin or to my local police department? Some secret things are held safer in plain sight but this seems a bit much.

Fifth video: Quite a few soft sided Hummers and LOTS of command vehicles. Doesn't look like the right mix for taking over my neighborhood but I'm sure my Senators would like their own command rigs...

I loved the comment by one of the highway observers, "The soldiers are LOOKING at us!"

And the last; looks like a Marine outfit. Again, lots of HQ stuff.
"Drudge should quit feeding the Alex Jones monster."

Agreed.  Trusting Infowars is like trusting a supermarket tabloid ... there might be a pony in there somewhere, but you have to dig through a lot of horsesh!t to find it. 
 *IF* we were going to invade Mexico, it should have happened in the early 90's when there was a whole Armor batallion based right on the border in Ft Huachuca. 
We could have took em over in a weekend, and they probably would have thanks us for it. :P
Or the announced SUPA SEKRET FEMI Concentration KAMP outside a back gate of WMSR all ready for the prisoners. Except that I spent a month there in 1982 at Oragrande Range Camp, part of the Ft Bliss,TX training area's.

 Or the FEMA camp at that place in Ohio, where all them right wing facist gun shooters get their yearly training at the so-called Camp Perry Nationals. Replacing 70yr old WW2 builidings is building a secret FEMA prison.  Sheesh. Somebody needs to have their meds checked.


On the bright side of a Canuck invasion, we actually want to balance our budgets.

It makes me question Drudge quite a lot when he links to Jones and that Jerome Corsi guy at WorldNet Daily.  Yuck.

@Colin:  I for one would prefer your current PM to our President.  Not so much some of your laws, but Harper is a good egg.  Maybe the new Canadian provinces can compromise with Ottawa and keep some self-government.  :P

Jones knows at least some of his stories are lies because he makes them up. A friend of mine sent Alex Jones pics of Republic of Georgia soldiers being trained at Ft Dix, NJ. They were being trained as MPs so Rep of Georgia could participate in peace-keeping operations. Georgia and the US were trying to ease Georgia into NATO.

Anyway, the source of the photos told AJ the above and AJ used the photos and described them as Russian soldiers, deployed by UN/NWO to Concentration Camps inside the US.

I started investigating AJ and Hal Turner and noticed a common pattern. Groups like Aryan Brotherhood and Stormfront would make up stories to stoke racist anger. A few weeks or months later Hal Turner would put the story out after it had been SLIGHT:Y cleaned up to remove the racist hoax origin. Weeks or months later AJ would distribute the story and amplify the scary details after further blurring the provenance.

The conspiracy people don't care about the details of any story as long as it tells them what they already want to believe.
Stormfront is sorta like the Klan used to be; a significant proportion of the people posting there are paid to do so by the Feds, so as to stir up trouble and cause grounds for arrests. You know what they say:  The guy in your group who's all het up, and says, "Let's go blow something up!"?  Well, that guy is the Fed.