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This one is my favorite thus far...

The M1A5 Obamakakis 


Certainly a good one, but there are plenty of others to choose from.  Since monkeying with the photo has been strictly forbidden, I wonder if the roundups have begun.
It's like they *wanted* the Photoshops.  They couldn't have been serious.  
 There is a fine line between serious and clueless. Well, maybe not that fine a line.
My favorite can be seen here:

Armorer: I dunno.  Barry Lackwit is just stupid enough to have been serious about "no Photoshopping, dammit!" 

Barry does kinda remind one of Elmer Fudd.

John, if Dukakis had a clue he'd sue for defamation for putting him in the same pic with Barry in the TC's hatch.
Only thing missing is Sir Gaffs-a-lot driving the tank... over the fiscal cliff and Jawn Carry getting another purple heart because the turbo was too loud when it drove by him out the motorpool back gate..
QM -> Except that Fudd is noticeably smarter.

"Sir Gaffs-a-lot" -- I like that!  Mind if I borrow it?
 Yeah, Wolf. Sadly, I know.