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"That's cool. Can I borrow your boxers?"

Pulitzer Prize material... 

...and how precarious his future is is criminal.


 Now he knows how the pooch feels !

Some would call this, "Prevention of Hemorrhoids". I would like to see some of the elites go through this same process.
Why did he get out at 16 years? Unless he was retired medically, that would result in no pension. Surely he's not ignorant of that.The VA hospitals, although not great, are available to him as well.
Quartermaster - If he was medically "retired" he would get a pension, however, if he accepted medical "discharge" there is no military pension but the conditions that usually cause a medical discharge (unless ruled as pre-existing or not line of duty) will normally qualify member for VA disability payments.
 Just seems a little incomplete somehow.

cpo ret
You all are seeing the things that are causing many of us to scratch our heads...
The folks over at TAH are calling BS on this one.
Serious pushback at's a fun read.
...but you repeat yourself...I think Esuqire and Rolling Stone are effective tools (for al Qaeda). Emphasis on "tools". 

The author of the story was previously the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle (aka SF Commicle) so he knows a thing or two about giving good "narrative".  I would, however, advise all to avoid his birthday parties.  His most famous one involved his letting a Komodo Dragon chew on his leg.  Now that's a narrative I'd like to hear from him about.
 Oldloader, I was aware of the difference. Things don't add up, however, leading me to ask why he got out at 16 years. As you've pointed out, he would be eligible for disability if medically discharged. Too much here to call anything but BS.
Quartermaster - Roger that!
I smelled a rat in this from the get-go, and I'm a Civ. If the story is
so messed up that it even gives me a WTF? moment, something
clearly is wrong.