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Tearing It Up

Think of The Armor as a stimulus package (or in this case Combat Engineers) - Keeping the good folks over at The Department of Public Works fully employed.



Ah yes... the old 'neutral steer on cobbles' will do it every time!
Um, I've been told.
I love the description on this "Panzer tank destroys road during show".  Yes, that Tank tank destroyed the road.  Perhaps the driver was distracted by drinking his Chai tea.

Oh, and last I checked, that's not a tank, that's a bridge laying vehicle.
Neffi!  Where you been?  Not one comment about bayonet holders and the improper holders holding some obscure variant!
Mike, Panzer means armor. So Panzer Tank simply means Armored Tank. Still redundant, but a bit clearer in translation.

When the clip first starts I was not able to make out the fact that the street was paved with cobblestone. I cringed when he started neutral steer, because that's hard on an asphalt pavement. It's death on Cocbbles, however, as well demonstated in the clip.
JtA, ain't noted any delinquencies lately... which only means yer hiding them, I'm sure
Or that your presences made me get mo' betta edumacated on the topic.
Combat Engineer motto? "If you can't construct, destruct, the bigger the bang the better"
Hunter (12B4X, USA, Ret)
Yum yum, crow tastes good.  Thanks for correcting me, QM.  I literally thought Panzer was a direct translation of "tank".  But then again, even in english "tank" can mean metal cistern as well.

I guess the lesson is "languages suck".  But thanks for the correction. :)
Firstly, WTF was the purpose of that little exhibition of stupidity even for? Rolling out and pulling a 180 then rolling back? Sure as heck ain't like any parade I've ever seen or been part of.  (And to think they could have won the war?)
2. Yeah, neutral steer on a cobblestone drive, is way beyond a rookie mistake, I've known TC's smack the crap outta their drivers for less. Even worse, the ground guide should have lost his hand on general purposes for even THINKING of sticking his hand in there while the engine was running.
And C. For the last time all you crunchies out there, loud metalic boxes on tracks do NOT a tank make! :P

 MIke, no intention of dinging you. Panzer does literally mean Armor, but the Krauts use the term in the same way we use Tank. We don't use the term Tank Corps anymore our ownselves. A Tanker is of the Armor Branch, so it comports rather well with the German way of expressing things. Panzer = Tank collquially, however. To a German a Tanker is a Panzermann.