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Somebody at the table see me and raise me...

Just pitched in a hundred bucks for this guy's legal defense fund.

And I'm not even drunk-blogging, which is usually how I blow cash on this kinda thing.

I'm an Air Force weenie--see if you can best me.

That is all


 There are several states you need to get out of if you value your liberty, Mass, NY, NJ. DE. IL, MD, and Kalifornia.

I'm having to pay a Lawyer to defend my grandkids from their mother and I'm having to beggar myself to do it. Lawyers are a very expensive "luxury," alas. Otherwise, I'd whip the card out and donate as much as I could so he can fight those guttersnipes.
I am on the ground here at Ft Drum and have read a couple of stories about this. I have also talked to some of the people involved with this and there is more to this story that I can't release.

The law that he is being charged with has been on the books since Cuomo the Elder, and personnel at Ft Drum are told about it, so he has no excuse for not knowing about it.
Summat's not right here. Is it a coincidence that this troop got arrested almost immediately when the new law went into effect, or, if Jon is correct, it had been in effect but what given huge new impetus by Cuomo2?

Cop's Rule One of investigations: there are NO coincidences, only connections between facts that the investigator doesn't know about yet.

Interesting that the Defense Fund had drawn over $30K and it has ALL been spent? These are low-level felonies, so even a high-rate lawyer is probably not going to charge a $25K retainer. Did some/all of that $25K go for bond? If so, why didn't the site say so?

Running a public defense fund is ALL about transparency, and at best, in this case, what we have is translucency, which is not the same thing.