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Snow! Glorious Snow At The Castle!

The Fort is closed, working from home, and we got SNOW!  Wheeee!
I head out to mount up in the Polaris Ranger to do the first passes on clearing the driveway, when I am assaulted by The Abominable Goatherd and Her Ebbil Minions...

The pic embiggens to better appreciate the Abominable Goatherder...


I have about 8 inches in the front yard, snowed at the rate of 2 inches an hour from about 8 to 11am.  Drifting is a major headache as well.
I would be at 18th st Expressway and the Kansas River for those familar with the Kansas City area

Now if I could just get the kids loader tractor over here to get the street cleaned off, maybe tomorrow


Rich in KCK
 We have gotten about a foot so far down here in Wichita, and looking at the radar we may yet get some more.
Looks like what has hit you will get to us in a cuplla days as rain vice snow. We had some snow over last weekend with stuff getting closed and such, but haven't had a snow day off in about 3 years.
The ever-indulgent wife got me a really cool new toy - a Lytro Lightfield camera.  We took our snow pictures with it:  Let 'em load ad then *you* choose the focus point.
My grass is getting too long, I may have to break out the lawnmower in a few weeks. It's still only in the low 40's, but Phoenix has had a harder winter than we have, up here in Seattle.
I spent many a night right there, 18th and Argentine Blvd., to be exact. Back in the '70s it was the American Walnut sawmll and I worked various and sundry jobs there including night watchman. We were right up against the levee and I could tell you some stories about lost drunks trying to find their way back out once they ended up there. One managed to get up on the road that runs along the top of the levee and got stuck in the big rocks lining the river side. I have a few questions that aren't relevant (okay so this whole thing isn't really) and I'll ask John to pass on my email addy to you if you don't mind answering some questions about my old haunts.
Sure thing Neveda


Rich in KCK