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Regarding the Superbowl©®™...

I guess I won, inasmuch as I decided I would root for the Ravens, since I could give a flying flip about the city on the bay.

The Superbowl©®™ (NFL - all rights reserved in perpetuity here and throughout known, unknown, and postulated space and time) halftime show?

I loved it.

Oh, I didn't watch it, it's just crap - just like I skip the anthems, because it's never enough for a pretty voice to just sing the song, no, they have to "own it" or somesuch crap - but it's enough time to drain the bladder, empty the bowels, stock up on new comestibles and make another 'rita pitcher. 

I also don't need the blather from the talking heads.

Then a nice DVR'd "How It's Made" and... we're ready for some football!


Gee there are two UM defenders on the 49ers.  One of them looks like you did then, Justin Smith is his name.  He is taller.
Kim Komando had a link to a site with most of the commercials, so I spent 20 minutes looking at those, which totally elminated any excuse for watching the game that interrupts them when aired live.
Jim, that would require me to pay attention to the hoopla. Once I quit playing, I quit caring. I like good football, I just generally don't care about the rest of it. 

1)  I think that this was the first Superbowl in which I hoped both teams would lose.  Frisco because of the way they replaced their previous quarterback, Alex Smith.  Baltimore because of Ray Lewis being team captain or head thug.

2)  I'm also feuding with the NFL because it is allowing its players to wear some kind of close fitting head coverings during the playing of the National Anthem in spite of the letter I sent them first class.  To punish them, I no longer watch any pre-game shows or nonsense.

3)  Lastly, for which I presume all are now thankful, it seemed to me that there were an inordinate number of commercials shown.  Kind of like the old joke about going to the fights and a hockey game breaking out.  
Superbowl? What is this 'Superbowl' thing you speak of?