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Reap what you sow department...

Heh. World leaders, who reacted to the invasion of Iraq as tantamount to the resurrection of Hitler, are now grumpy that the US is not terribly interested in trying toppling another Arab dictator and inheriting the resulting mess.

You're welcome. We're just giving you what you asked for, yes?


Like everyone else, I wish the US didn't have to always be the "world's policeman".  But all those who always criticize this role never seem to ask themselves who SHOULD be the policeman or who else they'd rather see in that role.

The feckless and corrupt blue-helmeted thugs of the UN?  The Communist Chinese?  The neo-Soviet Russians?  The Wahabbis in KSA?  Other Muslims from Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, or Libya, etc.?  The socialists in France or somewhere else in Europe?  Etc., etc., ad nauseum.

No thanks.  If someone must fill the role, I'd prefer it be good ol' Americans who I trust - more than all the others - to share my beliefs in freedom and democracy and civil liberties and my other values, goals, and interests.
Then re-enlist, bubba!

;^ )
Well, I remember the '80's "Fat Boy" program ..... but now I'd be eligible for the Old Fat Boy program.  LOL
Unless they have (or are about to have) nukes and are run by lunatics, stand back and let them kill each other all they like.

Not our problem.  Not our obligation.  Not anything we can afford to waste blood or treasure on.
Especially if it involves practitioners of the "Religion of Peace."

Popcorn consumption optional.

But, if they set foot into OUR space, then it become our problem, and deadly force is authorized and shall be used without warning!

Liberals who think otherwise are welcome to go join in at their own risk and on their own dime.
 Colonel, you could be CO of the Auld Pharts Regiment. I'm sure you've seen the advantages of having a bunch of grumpy old men manning such a regiment. Mgith have a bunch of surly old men at morning formation, but they'd be hell on anyone waking them up early by attacking.
You know, it occurs to me that once upon a time liberals did go join in--in Spain (not that Franco was anyone I'd claim to know), and I think Russia in the early days of the Soviet Union--at least according to the fragments of the movie "Reds" that I've seen.
RE: the"Auld Pharts Regiment"

ConorMacNessa over at Free Republic has a nice graphic regards that, I tracked down a posting of it here...


Rich in KCK
What Henry Kissinger said of the Iran-Iraq war I believe applies to the gov't and rebel forces in Syria: Too bad they both can't lose.
 Rich, the Freeper post is pretty good. I was thinking of a "screed" about the Auld Pharts regiment based on something a friend in Ohio who is retired Army SF sent me. I can't remember a lot of it, but one other thjing comes to mind is the Auld Pharts don't mind getting up early since they have to pee anyway. They don't like being awakened by explosives and gun fire aimed in their direction, however. That makes them real cranky.