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"Pew-Pew Bang-Pow-Pow"

Looks like someone is overcompensating in their momjeans.

As a casual Trap and Skeet shooter I have to saya that his stance is too awkward:  Buttstock too high, backwards hapless lean-back, and spastic over-tight grip.  Someone should tell our President to learn from the pros, and shoot like a girl.



He's been catching a lot of flack around the 'net for that obviously staged
photo-op. What a putz.
On further observation: given the amount of smoke coming out of
the ports and muzzel, one may wonder if it was a blank being fired.
Modern sporting rounds don't tend to smoke like that; at least not
in my experience.
Dammit!  And that was a new keyboard!   I can clean the monitor up though. 
Concur on all of the above. When I first saw the photo, I thought, "Staged? Fake? Huh?" The butt positioning screams, "Ouch," the right-hand grip with fingers that look like they're actually touching tha barrel, and the visible smoke (especially the port, which looks like it's being affected by wind) just looks...odd.

Granted, I'm not an experienced shotgun afficianado but, well, meh.

BTW, I'd love to know if that was really a skeet range or actually a trap one...skeet takes up quite a bit of real estate, much more than trap does--which is why WW II fighter pilots shot trap behind the alert shacks, ostensibly to improve their "deflection gunnery" (essentially practice leading a moving target). 

Our country is in the best of hands...
If he's is shooting anything at all, he's shooting trap, not skeet of sporting clays (of course living things like rabbits are out of the question). His aim is too low for most skeet presentations and he has one after-market choke installed in the upper barrel, indicating that he's shooting a sport with no double presentations.

I agree, the smoke looks odd, especially all of that being vented. I have a buddy that sometimes loads a shell with black powder just for laughs and he gets just about the same amount of smoke. Can't see BHO plaing around with reloaded shells...
Then there's that little white device on the muzzel. Could that be a
blank adapter?. It certainly could not be the shot-cup caught upon
exit, because the bore gasses can't vent until the charge is clear
of the muzzel. The picture clearly indicates the muzzel-blast
coming from out of the center of the white thingy.

It's a theatrical blank, Fired for effect on a photo-op.
Then there's the too-low cheek-placement, that puts the line of
sight somewhere about his eybrow.
I call "FRAUD"

 The pic is obviously staged and Zer0 has no idea what he is doing and no one in his circles of ignoramuses knows enough to be able to coach him so it doesn't look staged.

Zer0 and his entire circle are putzes.
QM, you should apologize to putzes for that comment.
If he learns to shoot like a girl, then maybe he wouldn't throw like a girl.

 If you em bigger the pic ( have a stiff drink or three prior), you can see ports on the left side of the barrels.  No smoke coming from them......   I own a ported skeet gun and have never, not once, in 25+ years of shooting clays, seen gasses exit from only one side.  If he's got it tubed, the ports would be closed and that oddball puff wouldn't be there at all.   

Oldloader nails it with the aftermarket choke in the top barrel.  Gotta be trap or some flunky with a portable launcher if he's even shorting at anything.   And why no recoil impact?   Something's gotta be moving rearward at this point.   
ah, the White House minions have been playing with Photoshop stay politically correct, he might not have fired anything at all, just leave it all up to the retouch wizards.
Someone needs to get one of those shotguns in that configuration to a range and do some testing!

I admit, I've never fired nor seen a ported shotgun fired.
Update: Camp D does have a skeet range. Contructed and donated by the NSSF but, dayum, that's gotta be the first time he's ever fired there and I'd be willing to bet it wasn't at a pigeon. Probably a picture of Boehner...