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Not 11-Brava Material

Warning: Freely Flowing F-Bombs A-Plenty



That's why running small arms ranges full of city kids with no prior firearms experience was always dangerously amusing...
And even more fun when you ran into the ones who pretended to have "gangsta style" experience and discovered that holding the pistol that way caused malfunctions with the pistol and major malfunctions with the Range OIC.
I guess I was luckier than most as I learned to handle firearms at the indoor range at Kelly AFB. The base AYA had a rifle team that I joined and the MSgt that coached us also ran the range. He got out all sorts of small arms they had in stock. That's where I first handles a 1911 and as a 16 yo quickly learned it didn't recoild as badly as people complained. We saw and M-60, but couldn't shoot it there. 7.62 would poke holes in our back stop.

We wanted to go up the range at Camp Bullock, but were never able to get a time slot arranged. If we'd a made it, we would have played with the 60, as well as M-14 and a Garand (I was surprised an Air Force armory would still have one in '71).

Gangstas weren't around in '71, and being around the military all my life was very unlikely to see one anywaz.
Well, we DID get good marks for "Diversity" when we recruited that "soldier."

Reminds me of back in the day with "MacNamara's Project 100,000."  Challenging times trying to deal with folks in that cateogry, and I don't think that recruits like this are much of an improvement.

I like the guys who buy a pistol, go out and try it, can barely keep it on the paper, then whine that it's garbage, something must be wrong with it.  Someone else shoot it and it groups just fine on point of aim. 

Next are the ones who deny that they flinch.  Load 'em up with ball and dummy magazines.  Watch 'em with a serious flinch when it goes "click" rather than "BANG!"


She will soon be the First Sergeant of a Rifle Company, mark my words.
I'll the Soldier Girl one break: the stock is obviously too long for her
to assume proper stance. As to the rest of her whining, suck it up,
Buttercup; you're in the Army now.
(At least temporarily, until the "Erroneous Enlistment" discharge
papers come through.)

Yea, that putting women in the front lines is going to work, oh so good.

 Yeah, Prim. She'll prolly be chaptered afore it's over.
I'm guessing that is old video.  Does anyone still wear that style of camo?
 2003-ish  Ft. Indiantown Gap PA.  A Co. Tech Escort pre deployment training for Iraq Survey Group support. Pretty sure I'm the Civ in the background. 
Should never have made it to the firing line until she learned how to adopt a firing stance. Anytime you see somone leaning back, you know it's gonna be bad. And it's usually women that do that (but not exclusively). A very, very little training goes a long way, as the OTHER shooting video shows.