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No Keys? Well then, you are in a pickle.

A cautionary tale when taking out your room-service from your hotel room.  Oh, and the punchline comes at the end.  Caution: Slightly NSFW



  Aaahhhh!  Thats the best graphic training aid I've seen in ages.  I need to see your license?  Oh thats great !!
 Modern problem. Even if the desk dummy had the smarts to ask the guy questions from his registration paper, he wouldn't have that authority, only the duty manager could do that. Part of our kinder, dumber society. The naked guy used the elevator. He should have used the phone in the elevator to call security to his room.
 What a *smacked ass*!  I do believe in a Court of Law, they would say something like this, "This is the assumption of things not in evidence." About the drivers' license, what orifice did he pull it from? He would have a hard time getting it past his head. By the way, if he were able to get his license out, would you touch it? I know I wouldn't. But as I look at at this,  I wouldn't touch it.  I figure both of these fools have the same IQ, or sharp as a bowling ball.
And the award for 'Stupid is as stupid does' goes to:

Isn't there a housekeeping cart or a janitor's closet nearby that has towels?  Just sayin'...
This is why you ALWAYS swing the safety latch to block the door when setting your room service tray outside.  LOL

 Gee, Frank - while that's good advice, this is *also* why you never leave your room bareassnekkid...  unless it's New Orleans during Mardi Gras, in which case people will probably give you beads.

Well, not me, they'd call animal control about the bear running loose, but yannowhutImean...