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More Old Skool Gun Pr0n...

 This time, the later version of the L1A1, with plastic furniture and the Trilux sight.  Ready for Goose Green.


Beautiful furniture -- I mean the wood.
Hey, easy on the anti- Argie talk there.  I kind of like and respect the Argies.  And the Brits too, of course, which makes their sqabble over those damn islands (Malvinas or Falkland- your choice) so unpleasant.  No real winners there, only losers.  Plenty of bravery and sacrifies, but for little real purpose.

But, if the Argies get ambitious again, I fear our Brit friends no longer have the options to effectively resist.  The Vulcans were only days from scrapping last time, The Brit carrier fleet stands at zero, and the Harriers which performed admirably on the STUFT (Ships Take Up from Trade) improvised support ships have all been sold to the USMC for their use.  {Good thinking, Marines!} 

Of course the Argies are about bankrupt, again, as they have been wont to do every decade or two forever, so they really cannot afford to get all grabby.
I wasn't dissing the Argentines, but referring to one of the more famous fights the SLR was at. If I had an Argie-style FAL, I would have tossed it up there, too. Like a Enfield-Mauser pairing. 
 OK, Bad Joke!

Sign seen in Panama, "Arggie FAL like new, Only been dropped Once!"

For Real! :)
 What anti-Argie talk? I don't see any.
 Got to play with an L1A1 at a gun show that had the Trilux on it; it is a funny optic to me. Like the finger of God (Big reticle pointing straight down from the 12 o'clock position).  But hard to see what is above or behind the point of aim.

 Good analogy, Andy!

That is the whole point.  Having the pointer come from the top means that  anything hidden is above the target.  When holding high at long range the target does not get hidden by the pointer.
I have one set up on my Metric FN-FAL Para works great. i would rather have the reticle pointing down as it does not cover the target when it goes to ground   
 Thanks, Paul.  I am not saying I don't want one.  It is an awesome piece of old school kit.  Especially atop its proper home, the FN FAL/L1A1.

At least if you had one you could use it.  I have one, on a Brit L1A1, AND a Canadian Leitz sniper scope on the correct Canadian FN C1 A1, but the absolutely crazy laws up here in Kanukistan mean that I can own it, and get a permit to take it to gunsmiths, appraisers and gun shows, anywhere EXCEPT a range that I can shoot it at.  Up here we call rifles like that "Safe Queens" and I have half a dozen of them.
Paul - if you had sufficient land that you owned, could you legally shoot it there? If not, come visit. We've got the land, the rifles, and you're welcome to visit the Castle and shoot. I know, not the same, but heck...