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More Old Skool Gun Pr0n...

Continuing the meme... The pic enlargifies.

Periodic Disclaimers about what's legal and what ain't. (i.e., it's *all* legal where I live.  That might not be true where *you* live.  Which ain't my problem, so don't make it yours.)


All jokes about the Armorer and bayonettes aside, PLEASE tell me those racks are securely bolted to the wall (I am positive they are).  Because that would make a mess of anyone were they to come free.  The images my brain conjured were pretty horrific.
 Yes, they are securely attached to the walls!
The are securely attached to very substantial walls.  Leave aside I wouldn't want to have them fall on me or anyone else, whyever would I want to put the investment at risk as well?  8^ )
The Armorer's Supervisor and quality control inspector has spoken, and that's all you need to know.
The Mauser second from the top on the right is Turkish...?
IIRC, Neffi, that's an ex-Turk Danzig 1917.
Just... checking,