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How about some old skool gun pr0n?

 I figure I kinda owe you guys.  Let's annoy Senator Feinstein and Danny Glover today with the Castle's L1A1 inch-pattern SLR with Aussie coachwood furniture.


 After the L1A1 series, the Royal Army decreed that all their enemies would be poodles, so manly rifles would no longer be built.
 SLR? Where does the film go? It's not a slopcon, therefor confusing.
Self Loading Rifle.
 It didn't LOOK like a camera,,,,,,,,,,so thanks. BTW, the best marine is a ....!
 Goodness.  The echo is strong today!
 There was an echo for a time.
 I have a team of server gnomes who go out and clean up when needed.
 We thank them.
You can always tell a marine..... Not much, but you can always tell one.
 I like the Canadian wood better, but nice SLR anyways
Nice. *drools*
The carrying handle looks different.  I know the New Zealand government had some with deeper finger grooves, but that doean't look like that either.
There are several different carrying handles. This one is actually a metric-pattern euro-version. It's what came with the parts kit when I built the rifle.  
Ah!  That explains it.  Mix-n-match.