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Grabby Grabbers

I suffer from residing in a gun-wuss rich environment.  Over at the sausage-making factory in Annapolis, our state legislature has introduced SB281 for consideration.  The Firearm "Safety" Act of 2013, as it is officially known, is a chock-a-block plethora of gun-grabbers' wet dreams.

And thought they may deny it, our local sausage makers wish to somehow "collect" all those eeeviel black skarrry massacre-makers.  Evidence here in an E-Mail sent recently by State Delegate Frank Turner (D-District 13)

Don't let them lie to you; for *er* "collection" is their final goal.  If your want to register your displeasure you may send him a few polite lines at:



You missed an address in the header when you sanitised your photo.
 He also broke the template. which I need to go fix, since I'm no longer on the Kindle.
Actually... it turns out *I* broke the template... in the post before this one. Oopsie!