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Fortunately, I don't have to worry about this.

 Thankfully, I'm not dating in the conventional sense any more...

Well, except during Lent.  Seems like the local Catholic has foresworn bacon.  That's dedication!


Yup, that's a serious Lent vow. It doesn't count if you give something up that you don't care about.
I am slowly drifting pescatarian, but barbecue and bacon are going to be the last things that go. Probably about a month after I am dead.
Meh, fish.  Except shellfish.  And legs.  Anything with a shell or legs, that's fine.

Lent for us doesn't start until March 18, and Pascha is on May 5.  In theory, no vertibrate products.  Or wine or olive oil during the week.  Shellfish is OK.  Crustaceans are OK. - just to they are not a luxury during the rest of the year.  Oh...and gator is OK, so are frogs - go figure.  I guess the theory is that if you are so far down you are eating those, you have nothing else to eat.

Other interesting thing is that by the Slavic Typicon, beer is allowed during Lent. 


"Other interesting thing is that by the Slavic Typicon, beer is allowed during Lent."

LOL - reminds me of why I like my wife's Greek Orthodox church.  Seems like ouzo is always allowed.
I thought you just gave up luxuries for Lent, not the neccesities of life! I admire someone so dedicated but I admit I fall short.
Married a Muslim, if I want pork, I cook and clean up. More bacon for me. She has her "stinky fish" which is just as gross for me as bacon is for her. I belong to a small sect of Islam that believes one gets closer to Allah by consuming Guiness and BLT's.
Being an Evangelical Protestant I don't worry about lent. If I liked Beer I imagine that the statement "There is no God but Guiness and Coors is his prophet" might appeal to me. Never acquired the taste because I don't like the taste, not because I think drinking it will send you to hell.

I guess Virgil Xenophon is more of a man that I since he can get Rum past his tongue. I got a mouthful of Rum candy in Germany and had a hard time spitting it out fast enough. Of course, When you're only 7....

 I am not giving up bacon for lent!  I'm giving up alcohol and computer games.  I am not eating any meat today because it is Ash Wednesday.  Same with all the Fridays in Lent - no meat.

However, I can eat all the shrimp and crabmeat and fish I want. :)


Work with me here, dear.  I'm practicing for living among the Democratic Majority, where if it feels true, it must be.
 Oh, never mind then.
LOL - reminds me of why I like my wife's Greek Orthodox church. Seems like ouzo is always allowed.

Yep...Russian Orthodox feel the same way about vodka.  For religious and health reasons only, mind. 

Now ya got me all curious!  As a fellow gamer, what games does Miss Beth play?