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Empty fiberglass tubes...

On top, US M72A1 LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon). On the bottom, the RPG-18, an East German copy of the LAW. The RPG was made for use against me (personally!) in 1984 when I was stationed in Germany. Clearly, they had assessed me as a threat.  These are the sorts of things that cause Chief Beck of the LAPD to wet himself in news conferences about empty fiberglass tubes running loose in the hands of the peons.

The same two empty fiberglass tubes, extended as if for firing. With a scary inert rocket to go with them.

Not even good as a club, unless you fill it with rocks or some such. Yeah, I know, If I was a cop and saw someone aiming that downtown, I'd prolly investigate...


And if anyone asks, absent firing tests of the warheads - the RPG-18 is a much better-built weapon.  Of course, you can do that when all you're doing is product-improving someone else's work...
Did your targetness push the improvement, or did they do it out of simple meanness?
I think it was personal. They didn't like the way I butchered the German language, mixing dialects as I do.
We used to play with one as a kid, wished I had kept it.
Which?  The LAW or the RPG?

ISTR that the RPG-18 (LAWSki) couldn't be re-stowed to the carry position once extended.

Which, sure every Ostie was gonna take a shot at you, but it would have been nice to choose when to take the shot.