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Continuing the lazy week...

 ...because I'm smashed at work and with Rotary stuff.


Considering what you are famous for being number one on Google for I would think you would at least get a few shivers contemplating all those unsheathed bayonets, even in photographic form!   :^)

I do have a question about Chinese army headgear. Did the officers get different hats or did everyone get different ones in the winter? I swear I have seen old photos with them wearing hats that look like the kind I wore as a kid, fur around the back half or so of the hat with wider fur around the ears. That hat appears to me to have ear flaps but not fur. Just wondering.
 Feinstein wants to keep those guns "off the street", don'tcha know.  Because so many children are shot and bayonetted with an SKS by people wearing CHICOM headgear.  

It's for the children.....  the CHILDREN!
Well, first off, it's not chinese, it's soviet.  A "budyanka", actually designed as a winter cap wearable under a helmet.  The officer version was trimmed in red.  From the 20s-30s era.

"Budyanka" being a diminutive form of "Budyenny" the Soviet general (later Marshal) who designed it.

As for the bayonets, that which did not kill me simply made me stronger, and provided amusing fodder for you bubbas for years.
What did the hammer and sickle decoration come from?
Finial from an abandoned Serbian flag.  I have the flag, too.  No staff, however.
Nothing wrong with a lazy week now and again. I'm actually enjoying your posts.

Personally, I'm all for keeping Marines of the street as they are very a dangerous bunch. Of course, that's a feature, not a bug, but it is for the chilin's and dumb leftists that don't enough to keep out from under foot.
Lessee now...A whatsit on the far left, followed by a line-up Moisin-
Nagant types, then a nice ensemble of SKS, to a seemingly out-
of-place pair: a short-lever Martini-Henry and a Snyder Enfield.
Then a couple more whatsits, all fronted with some lovely Sovietski
RP 46, and RPD.
The whatsit on the left is a russki Berdan II.  There's an SVT-40 carbine there, as well.  Not import-marked so it might be a genuine SVT-40 carbine (which were apparently cut-down in the field from damaged rifles) but is more likely one of the ones produced by a Finn gun dealer to sell to unsuspecting rubes in the US.

I bought it from one of them - though I was no more knowledgeable myself, at the time.  Got it at the great big gun show at the LA county fairgrounds, back in the day when they  still had 'em there.
 To the right of the bullpup, do I see the fore-end of a trench shotgun that is hidden behind the olive-drab sling? 
 Al - no, actually that is my Dad's Daisy Buck Jones Special BB-gun.  Which became mine.  It still shoots just fine.