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Coming Soon Gender Sensitivity Chevrons

It's official - West Point has gone hard-fruity.  The USMA FB Page has detailed a new chevron to be used by cadets on the brigade.  In their statement they state:
Cadets on the Brigade Energy and Environmental staff will introduce a new insignia to the Corps when they don their cadet uniforms this week. These cadet energy and environmental officers and noncommissioned officers, or E2Os, are tasked with leading the charge on initiatives related to recycling, energy and water conservation at the academy.

The insignia has the chevrons customary to cadet rank. The three rockers below are designed as waves to signify energy and water. It has been decades since the last insignia has been approved for a cadet staff position, and the process took nearly a year before the rank received approval from the Brigade Tactical Department and the Commandant of Cadets.
Sadly, this is no April Fool's Joke, you can read it over at their page: HERE.  Gender Sensitivity, Nuclear Disarmament, Fair Trade Commune, and Tuggy Feelings Chevrons are soon to follow.



As the husband of someone I used to know once said, "Our enemies laugh."
It started when the Department of War became the Department of Defence.
A provision of the proposed legislation to establish a Department of Peacefuilding, directs the establishment of a Peace Academy to be structured along the lines of the service academies.  Looks like West Point has stolen the march on this idea.
Agenda 21 .... changing global consciousness. It really is scarier than most people realize.
"At the Comand 'Pre-pare to MINCE......' "

yeah, right.
Richard, are you thinking of this?
*sighs, shakes head*

Ah!  The Special Forces Drill!

I hear tell from another forum that the new rank is referred to as the "Brigade Bacon Officer" thanks to the wavy lines.


If you have a spare hour, here is a parade:

even if you don't have a spare hour, it's a parade.