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Behind The Vault Door...

 ...not starring Marilyn Chambers.  More old skool gun pr0n.

Some stuff is racked, others, stacked.


Marilyn Chambers ... there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.  I wonder how many of the younger Denizens won't even get the reference?  LOL
She was the model on the Ivory Snow box.
What percentage of the rifles do you think you have fired? I would think that getting ammo for some of them must be almost impossible now.
Of the ones I've deemed safe to fire, probably close to 90%.  I've got a surprising (to me, even) stockage of old calibers - Kropatschek, 11mm Danish, 10.5  Swiss, .577 Snider, etc.  A lot of that stuff is still being made in Europe, and shows up over here now and then.  I have a guy in New York that I keep a standing order in with, and when he has enough demand to make the paperwork worth the hassle, he'll work an importation.

Stuff's never cheap though.

And you do have to be careful, because arms made in the transition period (1870-1914) oft-times can't handle modern powders and their pressure curves.  I won't shoot reloaded/custom made ammo unless I know the guy who did the loading.  There are dies out there for swaging cases of similar-but-different calibers into shootable casings for other calibers (like 11mm Danish being made from 45-70 casings) but you really have to be careful about powders and such. 
Ooh, you have a wire-breaker on the lebel bayonet. I had one (and the SMLE equivalent ) for a while but traded them for some other toy years ago.
I've got the mechanical wire breaker for the SMLE, but not the bayonet-mounted one.
 Good to see the M-H Mk. IV in its rightful place at the head of the rack.  Which Mark is your bayonet?  Mine is the Mk. III with the unfullered blade that I believe was the first product of Wilkinson Sword (the new joint venture, not the original Wilkinsons of Pall Mall) after politicians made a fuss about British bayonets being made in Germany.
 ...and the BC scope for when things get serious....  
I hear you on the ammo. Some years back I picked up a shootable
M71/84 Mauser in 11mm Mauser. Started pricing, and until it was
said and done 20 hulls, a set of dies, and a custom bullet mold
would have cost more than the gun did. Needless to say, it remains