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Why arming pilots can be a good thing...

There's this fool...and there's THIS fool. The video is 46 minutes long (sorry!) but it's pretty interesting.

Believe it or not, there are those in the gubmint who don't like the idea of armed non-cops in charge of what can be turned into 700,000lb+ flying bombs in minutes, raising the "turf war" phenomenon in federal law enforcement to an art form.

In any case, for those of you who are interested, I present two excellent discussions here and here by men who are probably pretty far apart on the political spectrum but offer a rational defense for gun ownership. Too little of that (rational thought) these days. They're long, but well worth reading. 

P.S. Spearguns. I HATE spearguns. Do they make assault spearguns? Let's ban them. Yeah, that's the ticket...


Being on dial-up, I can't see the video.

I say anyway, that I yawn. When I was a little kid, I rode the Delta DC-6-B to family funerals. We all sat in the smoker, right behind the flight deck, the door to which was always open,  

As a little kid, I got invited into the flight deck to be amazed by the blinkenlights, and all. 

This was before 1967, so I am quite sure that there were at least two revolvers on the flight deck, AKA The Msil Guns.

Back then, airline pilots were REQUIRED by the Post office to keep a revolver by them, whether they liked it or not.

I felt perfectly safe (at least from gunshot wounds) in those airplanes, but when taking a leak in the rest-room was very conscious of being in the plane of rotation of the inboard propellers. What if that one right there chose to throw a blade while I was in there?
You betcha I got my business done quickly and got out of there.
Umm, that would be "Mail Guns."
When the FBI guys got the main door open, every square inch...and I mean EVERY square inch of the courier area (a space about 10 feet wide and 5-6 feet long) was soaked in blood. One agent said it was as if someone had just taken a 5-gallon bucket of red paint and splashed it around the interior of the airplane.

...and now the DHS wants to discontinue the FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer, i.e., armed pilots) program because they think law-abiding pilots with guns is a dangerous thing. Well, that's not the real reason. The real reason is that the money set aside for the FFDO training program is something they want for the Air Marshals, even though EVERY post-9/11 attempt at a highjacking has been thwarted by ordinary passengers. FFDOs are the no-shite last-ditch defense against a repeat of 9/, of course, the program has to be discontinued. We have lost our #$*&! minds.
When I was at the Publix the other day, the woman right behind me in the checkout line happened to be a member of my congregation, my sister in Christ. We conversed a bit and it came out that she holds a FL CCW permit, and that her husband is an armed flight deck officer. We are a well-armed congregation; our Pastor has been known to carry a razor-sharp claymore up the aisle while proceeding to the altar. He knows how to work a rifle, too.