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Oooo - Zombie Toy

Me wannna



Saw 'em at the Shot Show. Made OK. heavy.
I used to frequent the ShotShow.  Sadly, It has been six years since I've greedily pawed through the exhibits, Og.
A new take on the old dreilng, which was usually two rifle and one shotgun barrel. 
Anti-zombie toy, doncha mean Boq? Quick to fire, slow to reload, however. You'd better have a couple back ups and quick fingered halper to reload them for you.
Anti-zombie toy? Did you say anti-zombie toy?

This!!! is the anti-zombie toy I want.

How do you keep from drooling on the keyboard when watching videos like that? Needless to say, I want one too!!
It has a certain "Get-off-my-lawn" quality to it, Grimmy.
 Nothing says "get off my lawn" like a belt fed 12 guage! Me want!