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Really.  Just Stop.

I remember playing soldier, cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, and I never ended up shooting anyone the gov't didn't tell me to (heh).

Now we have zero tolerance policies (to the point of students visiting Gettysburg couldn't put a picture of them standing by the cannon in the yearbook), and all the other gobbledygook and that asshat in Connecticut (may his name be erased) still shoots up a school. Perhaps we should  relook the approach - because we're clearly not addressing the issue, but we are bewildering the young ones.

Who can go home and shoot anything they want on the game console.

Ergo - perhaps all that crap isn't the source of the problem. Just a way for clueless leaders to be able to say "We've done something!" and kick the can further down the road.

But in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania - don't let your kid get mouthy about a  bubble gun...


Some one should tell those idiots about the military rule that "regulations are for the GUIDANCE of the commander".  God, use your brains for something besides keeping your ears apart.
Our education system has become a haven for incompetents and delusional fools.
I think the 'Zero tolerance' policies are just cop-outs for educators and others in positions of authority who don't want to take personal responsibility for their actions. They can point to the policy, shrug their shoulders, and blame the policy for the stupidity.
 Nevada nailed it. School Admins tend to be Doofi (to borrow a word from Bayou Rennaisance Man), and responsibility shy.
 Nevada nailed it.
 You were 6 minutes too early Joe.  Even though I prepped the post yesterday, it went live just after you were here.
Two great minds in the same rut, John. 
I'll have to disagree with Nevada, to some extent.

Instead of calling adminstrators cowards, say rather they're using zero-tolerance policies as a way to avoid lawsuits from sue-crazy parents. Given some of the mind-bogglingly stupid lawsuits filed in this country, including suing the school when Suzie or Johnnie gets a B instead of an A, it's somewhat hard to blame them.

 About this concept of "Zero-Tolerances", let's try this one, "Zero-Tolerance for asinine stupidity!" I mean this for all levels of government! This includes both sides of the political divide. It is time to grow the F*** Up!