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Just sayin'

 You can hold this view honestly.  You can be reflexive in your dislike for guns.  But you can't escape the fact that if you wish to disarm the citizenry, *this* is the practical expression of your view.



Μολον Λαβε 
 What Panther said.

 Sorry, that's a verbal syllogism. As such, probably 5% of the "educated" yute in this country can understand it, or even know how to educate themselves on the use of syllogistic logic at all.

We're doomed.
Rivr, as I have mentioned before, here and elsewhere, I pretty much agree on the likelihood of the doom, which is one of the reasons why I drink so much (I want to be numb when they come for me.)

Owhell, it's time to go visit the weird old Tanker neighbor.  I'll see if I can get him to comment here. (Heh. He is no older than I, but seems older.  The boy has a lotta miles on him.  He did tell me the proper form for the tank commander's order to gunner and loader when he sees politicians in the open. The old guy is partial to Beehive.)
Loader, load beehive! Gunner! Beehive! Politicians in the open! Left politician- fire!
...and then hose 'em down with the co-ax.
Neffi; thats almost a ok firecommand for a range card engagement.Make up uour mind, is this an area or point engagement?

I'm partial to WP or HEP. or WP AND HEP. ether or both are good for me.
let's see......
Gunner index HEP fire smoke, deflection right 396, QE +8, dismounted dimocraps, at my command

or sontin likes dat.

Gunner index HEP fire smoke, deflection right 396, QE +8,
Greek to me, Eric!  Maybe we called it differently in the M60A1...

"Loader, battle carry bee hive!" The targets should be pretty soft and almost anything in DC will be a legit target.
I saw a movie about a country where only the government (Police and Military) had guns.
It was called "Schindlers List"...
nope. not greek. just the old late night indrect illum target shoot froms da rangecard (shooted froms da deefence)

it's good to be a brokedown ol' DAT
Oh, Neffi? Aristophanes may have been prescient in that play he wrote, as:

Brekekekek! Co-ax! Co-ax!
Double canister!
Citizen 1: "There's the red flare!"
Citizen 2: "Final Protective Fire!!!!, finally! Thought we were gonna be over ran there for a sec."
"Gun control consists of shooting and hitting your intended target, and nothing but that target."
yep, what he said!  (htom)

 Just curious. Does anyone here follow the Fudd boards? I haven't ever subscribed to one of them. How are the Fudds handling all this assault on the Second? Are there any "new" false-flag Fudd groups out there, or did Bloomie move all his Fudd-support money over to the MAIG Defense Fund since the Nagin indictment?