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It's cold in the 913, so I'm sitting in the basement...

 ...getting my geek on.  

I spent the afternoon inventorying a Breda M1937 MG armorer's kit. Down to matching the fiddly bits in the little plastic packets (thoughtfully notated in Portuguese - they being the last user) against the inventory list in the lid. Bastards did take all the useful common tools like screwdrivers, hammer, brushes and pliers.

Yes, I was this anal about my 10% inventories as a commander, too. Which is why my change of command was statement of charges/report of survey free and didn't cost me a dime.

But when we did a superseded SKO turn-in, dammit all the tools were there!

I did it for the collectors.


913? A building number, perhaps?
Rain and high 50s here. Like you, we need the rain. A few inches of snow that melts off slowly would be a good thing too.

 We are something like 12 inches low on rain.  

Also, some of our friends live on the East Coast, and an area code there is a much smaller area than out here in the barely populated States between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains.

 Our shortfall is about half yours. Being well forested here has helped a lot. But, being in one of the wetter areas of the country having the shortfall we do is strange. Hopefully, your well keeps going.
It's nice here in southern Flarduh with the unusually dry weather we've been having. Haven't had to get out the lawn mower in a month or two.