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It can't happen here, ever!

Because we all know these signs are taken seriously by malefactors.

Molly comes to see what I'm doing as Buffy and Gunner gnosh on the deer parts the fatherless sons of prostitute mothers poachers keep leaving behind. In the far distance, SWWBO waters the goats. So they can grow, of course. Oh, and there's a new sign.

I have requests for two more of these signs. If you're interested, drop a comment or send me a note. The more I get the cheaper they'll be. This one cost about $70 shipped, because it's a big sign and I bought the frame that it sits in. IIRC, the sign proper was about $40. Any subsequent runs will have the proper international "No" circle-and-slash that I forgot on this one...


Oooohhhh!  I'll take one-a dem!  It'll go nicely with the sign of my German Shepherd saying, "I can make it to the fence in three seconds.....can you?"
And, if I could make a suggestion.....perhaps "scare quotes", or the *asterisk* thingy that has become common for denoting sarcasm online, around know.
 What, the "really really" wasn't enough of a giveaway...?

 If they really, really want to blow up, I'd be glad to help out, but certain safety precautions will be taken to insure no one else is affected, except for the entertainment value in it. We'll even vidoetape it and post it to You Tube for you so your Jihadis buddies will know you went to Allah in the manner which you wished.

We could even start a business. Any suggestions for catchy names. Splodey Dopes, Inc. may not draw much of a clientele. MIght make a good show for the 2nd on the 4th, though.
AH-64 is us?