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Castle Argghhh!!!

 ...putting the geek into militaria collecting since 1972.


Now that is high end.
Ooh, Practice Bomb! May we see the writing on it?
Oh, John, you did tell us that you would get to The Mortar People, real soon now. Now, The Mortar People seem to be an interesting bunch, in that they have access to all calculating tools, but disdain to use them, trusting their horseback guess instead. As I have written here before, I could have been a Mortar Person, had my life forked differently when I was young.

A real Mortar Person disdains calculation, says "That looks about right." and commences firing.
Oh, og? Do you have any idea why Tam is so mad at me?  I mean, I would not lift the little finger on my left hand to bruise the smallest hair on her head.
Couldn't tell you nor do I know what you're talking about- but it has been my experience that I tend to piss off everyoine I know and a few people I don't. so I don't mind. Shoot me an emial if you like at mhardig at aol dot com
Wouldn't have anything to do with your drooling over a pervy chick in your 12/08/12  blog post, would it JTG?