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As we brace for impact from the Prez today...

This was left on the door yesterday. They were probably wanting to take a picture to use as "OMIGOD SCARY!" for the announcement this morning...


When are people finally going to say "ENOUGH!"?  We're like frogs in a pot of steadily heating water being brought to a boil, but are too complacent to jump out before we're cooked.
 While I *think* Frank gets it and is just ranting in general, this *is* satire, for those among us whose sensors are miscalibrated.
LOL - yes, the Masonic "Evil Eye" and "Himmler" were clues.
The best satire is difficult to tell sometimes because it cuts so close to the bone. This is one of those cases where the truth hurts and we're not all that far from it. Look at what the lily-livered lords of creation (Ummm, I mean legislators) in NY state have inflicted on their residents.
Remember, the President's proposal is only going to be a 'modest' one.
I just posted what he's going to say.  The devil will be what's in the bill actually proposed and voted on.
I guess if you receive one of these it means they escaped the rattlesnakes and Improvised Nasty Sh*t" located around the place.
Nothing's armed, Jim.  But it can all be armed remotely... ;^ )