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A look at the world through Dusty's office window...

In this case, it's actually a pilot of the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Indiana Air National Guard.


 The fire handles, g-meter, and compass look familiar, but what is all that glass cockpit stuff???   What have they done to my lowly Hawg?    
Is the cannon being fired or are those clouds?
This unit was on the chopping block, but I think they saved some of it.
It's firing, I believe, Brad.

From what I saw of their website, they seemed to have dodge the bullet this go-round, Richard.  I'm sure that Mr. Hagel will be gunning for them, however.

That used to be what his office looked like. It's got a lot more glass in front these days.

If the unit gets the ax, that's OK. The Army will be glad to take them off their hands.

That's where they belong anyway. Regardless of what Dusty thinks. Bring back the Air Corps and give them their song back.
Yes, the gun is firing.

Yes, they were almost shut down, and probably will be under Hagel.

Yes, there is more glass. It's a C-model. And glare shield saddlebags are still in vogue after all these years.

Yes, Quartermaster is still stuck on stupid.

 Ah, Dusty rolled  in and strafed QM...
One of the problems QM, is even in a diminished military, it would be very difficult to convince enough high school seniors who have the mechanical/electrical aptitude to maintain the A-10 to live like the Army.  Several years ago, a CH-47 battalion commander told me that the Army already has trouble getting enough competant troops to maintain the aviation assets they already have.
It's cute that they give you a place to put your purse (or manbag, whatever...).


Ah, a whiskey compass.  Now that is a useful piece of aviation navigation hardware in this day and age of handheld GPS receivers...Do they bother to swing it and give you a correction card? Never saw one in all the years I rode around in Rhinos. Did see a few dry compasses.  Funny how nobody bothered to write then up.
Nya, nya, nya, nya, nay! Dusty missed!

Kids with the kind of aptitude needed for such work are getting harder to recruit across the board.The AF and Navy are still getting enough, but it has gotten harder for them as well. Why should a bright kid go in and put up with the diversity mongers and other social engineers when they can make better money and live better outside?

Dusty, I know you disagree, but the problem with the AF wasn't at your level. As a Tactical service the AF expended all it's capital a long time ago and the Army has had righteous complaints for many years that have gone unanswered by AF. There were serious problems in Korea and Vietnam, and Horner wouldn't pay attention to Army targeting requests unless Norman ordered him to. The Bomber General mentality still curses the AF. YMMV, and that's OK by me. I've familiar with both sides of the argument and the AF has the much weaker side.
Sorry, guys.  The smoke does not go forward when strafing (shooting the gun).  Now, i fhte Wonder Wart Hog is flying backwards, then okay.

Must have shot rockets and/or an air-ground missile.

This from an old Wild Weasel puke.

Again, you have zero idea of what you're talking about. I could go into details (especially about Horner and Stormin' Norman) but that would be utterly futile. So let's just agree to disagree, shall we? The train's left the station (thank God for both services).

Pontotoc Bill...allow me to enlighten you: You CAN see smoke from the cockpit (and smell it, too). Gun gas contamination of the windscreen is such a problem that we have a windscreen wash system to ameliorate it. During the weapon system development phase, we lost one A-10 due to severe engine foreign object damage (FOD) from the gun gas traveling in front of and over the nose, back along the fuselage and into the TF-34s, flaming both out, in that case premanently. After several restart attempts, the test pilot had to eject (which gave us a tremendous, filmed, slow-speed ejection data point...since he was being chased at the time). That led to improvements in the propellant but the GAU-8 still generates a tremendous plume out the front. As an aside (and this really doesn't address the gas thing), the 30mm round originally came with tracers but that capability was discontinued since the vapor trail generated by the condensation of bullets sailing downrange made the need moot. I will send John a few pictures that, if he is kind enough to post, will illustrate my point about the gas. 
Oh, and rocket trails are slight and short-lived at best. 
In case you all want some really in the weeds stuff on aircraft guns and their by-products:

1. GAU-8 produces a tremendous amount of energy and cumbustion by-products. One of the ways the engineers chose to deal with that is having the trigger send a signal to the fuel control system when the gun is fired to adjust accordingly. However, the F-4E with the relatively puny little M-61A1 had a similar system since the nose gun was forward of the engine intakes, as well.
2. Speaking of energy, the F-16's M-61A1 is mounted in the left strake instead of amidship, therefore pulling the trigger also sends a signal to the rudder to compensate for the recoil and keep the aircraft flying in the direction the pilot has chosen.
 Ehhh...don't know about the fuel control system, but when you pull the trigger to the first detent, among other things (like LASTE kicking in to dampen the impending pitch transients from 18,000 lbs of thrust going the wrong way, i.e., the gun "recoil") the engine igniters start a continuous firing sequence to help prevent flameouts due to gas ingestion. 
Panther 01- I knew you'd fix the details if I missed. I knew there is a signal from the trigger to the engines...
 The fuel control system is independent of the ignition system.     All that would happen was the igniters firing at the first detent.  We had to check that during the phases.  Kirk, we did in fact swing the compass and the correction card lived on the canopy bow, right about where  the left card is in the picture.   We swung both the compass, and the magnetic azimuth detector that lives in the top of the right vertical stab.   
I seriously miss wrenching on Hawgs....    And rhinos..... And white rockets....    Now I have learjets.  
 "Bomber mentality"? Well, the Strategic Air Command is long gone, and the few bomber squadrons left are dwarfed in numbers in the Air Combat Command by the likes of the fighter pukes, both air-air and air-mud types. If there are more than one or two "Bomber Generals" left, I'd be surprised. I last flew BUFFs in 40th Air Division in 1984, which had two Wings then. There are only two Wings of BUFFs left, maybe two squadrons of B-1 Lancers, and the one wing of B-2 Spirits. That's not enough to keep very many Generals busy. Hell, there are probably more Geek Generals in the Space/Cyberspace Command than winged Generals anywhere else...

That's ATTACK puke, to you thankyouverymuch. 

And you DO know the difference between fighter and attack pukes, yes ?
As much as I love the AF (all the men on my Dad's side of the family were USAAF/USAF) and everything to do with aviation, I think Qm has a point. I really do think that only the Marines do close air support properly.  (All the men on my Mom's, or Dangerous Mississippian, side of the family were Marines.)
 Sorry GM and Justthisguy, the notion that airpower is best used doing CAS ignores the fact that the whole point of airpower is to destroy the enemy before CAS is needed. And to make sure his air isnt doing CAS on your sorry heads!  What is the purpose of all your Arty, Armor, and Attack helos anyway, riot control at a Guns and Roses concert? You guys are just jealous cus our chicks look better in flight suits...  For some light reading, may i suggest Billy "lets go piss off the Navy" Mitchell, or Curtis "burn them to the ground, then nuke em till they glow" LeMay.

 Sorry for the double post. Doing this from a beachfront hotel in southern France and the net is a bit weak. Watching nonstop French news coverage of their strikes against AlQaeda in Mali ( saw Mirage 2000Ns being loaded with LGBs and paratroopers with some nice weapons including .50 sniper rifles. OTOH, their raid in Somalia didnt work so well.