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Wounded Warrior, Castle Argghhh! Edition

 No, he wasn't handling a bayonet.  The other guy was, apparently.

No, I have no idea how many stitches. Yes, he does look like The Joker. He is a very grumpy cat. But happy to be home. Now we have to figure out how to keep him indoors for a week...


Was he playing in your box of bayonets?
 Do you guys ever *read* the text?  
Looks like the post combat photos of Barney, the Ft. Riley Riding Club barn cat who failed utterly at his assigned duties.  We found him huddled inside a cable spool, his last refuge from the local coyotes.  Ripped from one end to another, he was but was nursed back to health and permanently retired from barn cat duties. 
Poor kitty. Whatever got him had better be careful. He might be back for revenge with the Exterior Guard in tow.
 Pre emptive text is an ineffective barrier.
 The problem is that the feline will want to "groom" the area. Strange the vet didn't put a funnel-face'll have to watch that else the cat promptly tear those sutures right out.

For cat happiness, it's hard to beat canned tuna (ignore the salt horror, the cat has a pancreas just like you and I). For analgesic relief of wounded cats, my Dad, a Flight Surgeon not used to working on them, fixed them a vodka and water on the two occasions we had wounded cats. They slept blissfully long and both recovered nicely.

Remember, cats are NOT omnivores. They eat MEAT protein.
 Fred - jus' makes you look lazy...  

Centurion - DC earns his keep in rodent control.  He leaves the carcasses on the doorstep to claim the bounty.  But he also likes to wander deep into the woods, and with the drought, the Wild Things are creeping closer to the avian smorgasbord this year.  The Exterior Guard are very busy at night.
Purple Heart, feline award. That looks painful, and yes, probably cone time.
 Interestingly, Doc Braum didn't want to go with a cone, and thus far, DC has been very good.  And very patient about not being able to go outside.

Though I'm sure he's going to blow past SWWBO at the door sometime soon.
I guess with those wounds there is less need for a collar of shame. But by his honor, bolt he will.
I guess with those wounds there is less need for a collar of shame. But by his honor, bolt he will. Sorry if this posts twice, I lost connectivity before the first submit completed.
Ah, yes, I remember when the late lamented Uzi of fond memory had his head dang near bitten off by the neighbor's obnoxious dawg.

He almost didn't survive; we found him hiding in the bushes, horribly messed up; the silly bimbo at the Vet's office who answered the phone blew me off, and I got him to the Emergencency Vet just in time.

That evening, he changed from a free cat to a $450 cat, and we were glad to pay.

He did have to wear the Cone of Annoyance for a while (cats have no shame) and I had to flush out the drain in his head twice/day, I always teasing him by telling him that he was thinking dirty thoughts and I needed to wash his head out.

He did sleep with me while healing.  He never slept with me unless very sick, or grievously wounded.

Ah, yes, I remember waking up to see a stain of cat blood and cat pus on my pillow, right next to my face, more than once. 

What is it with cats and abscesses?  Can't they just leave their wounds open, so as to drain properly?  And not pop their abscesses right next to their sleeping humans' faces?
Oh, how's the kitteh doing?
We can all now call him: "SKARR".