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Why we live rural...

 Because views like this are everyday, and vary with the seasons.  And the movement of the herd.

Then there's the "When Worlds Collide" aspects of sitting here at the computer and watching the Interior Guard come nose-to-nose with an Exterior Denizen... and you realize that *you* are the exhibit in the zoo this time...

"'Ere naow, Ooo 'r you?"

Life at Castle Argghhh!...


I would love to send a picture of our moosey denizens.  Our pack of whippets enjoy the tentative security of a 6' high fenced yard.   Last winter the snow here in Anchorage was so deep that one of our neighborhood moose decided to browse the uneaten trees inside the fence and stepped over the fence to join the dogs.  She had been born in the neighborhood and knew that our wolves never left their area so she had browsed the trees just outside the fence her whole life.  Our pack of wolves also discouraged the neighborhood bears making the unfenced part of our acre a little safer for moose.  The dogs went to investigaate the new member of the yard-bound pack and went nose to nose with her.  When they got cold and came back into the house through their doggie door panel in the sliding glass door on the porch, the moose sauntered up to see if she would fit and spent some time with her nose pressed to the glass.
Nothing stopping you from sending pics, Robin.  Except perhaps for the taking of them?
Looks like Middle Earth in the top photo.  No not Mordor someplace nice like where the Hobbits live.
 Robin,  we get the same thing up here in Fairbanks.....   I have a resident cow moose who frequents the back yard.  It's nice to see each year's crop of twins....
 It's nice out at the Castle. The Chickens, however, don't like Heimdall.
I love goats.  My landlord had to get rid of his perfectly harmless, cheerful, pleasant, easygoing goat because one of the neighbors ratted him out to the Zoning Nazis.
I was sent this video this morning, right up your alley I think "Jingle Goats"