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What the Vet you are talking to *really* wants to say...

Too funny. Too true. And very, very, very "in the field" language.

Put on those headphones, or don't play this at work!

Or in front of the children (don't do that anyway).

Or your grandmother. Unless she's a vet. Then you and she can sit at the monitor and do shots. 


 They could do so much more with this... but what they have done is pretty good!

 My granddaughter came in the bedroom and asked what I was laughing at. I had to tell her "something I can't let you watch."
Oh yah, that third answer regarding the knife ... Priceless.

I remember the questioner's level of stupidity from when I was in college being asked of people who made it back from Viet Nam. The song remains the same.

Now I must forward this to my BIL.