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USMC Transformation...

 ...after sequestration.


 I admit... I want that.
So the Castle technical is now on eBay?

I love the Reliant Robin halftrack. Pitiably it's actually less powerful than a kettenkrad. The guy who built it did so just to piss off Jeremy Clarkson.

AFTER sequestration? 

Here I was thinking it was a phased GCS upgrade.
 URR, you give me the impression that sequestration means budget increase to Uncle Sam's Misguided Chillins.

LIke Armorer, I wouldn't mind having one of those either. I'd rather get me an airplane first though.
What is it? Are those MattTracks on the back end?
 Htom - Og gave you the answer.  Google the Reliant Robin halftrack.
Oh, my. Ah. First great laugh of the year.