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Those were the days...

 ...we didn't have ghouls shoooting up schools and yet things like this were available.

Ahhhh, the good old days of gun collecting.


Ah shades of Mary Hopkins and the $50 dollar jeeps:-)

Merry Christmas to all the denizens of the Castle

Best regards

Rich in KCK


The things  you see when you are totally without a couple of hundred bucks, eh?

I thought 20mm would make it a DD under the NFA...or was that a later modification?
No, this is post-WWII, pre-64.  They'd have to be papered.
Heartless-  The scary evil "Destructive Device" category was a creation of the Gun Control Act of 1968.  Remember, that was the law ostensibly motivated by the murders of JFK, MLK and RFK, and no sort of "DD" was in any way related to any of those.  However, it was a species of gun that thay opportunistically picked off and essentially banned.  They very nearly got all shotguns over about .410, and most Civil War arms, but the exact definitions finally adopted exempted those.

They will be using the same tactic this time.  Make no mistake, their goal is ALL guns, of EVRY type, and the Biden Band of Idiots will propose every infringement ever conceived, plus a few we never thought of.  They will then demand that we "compromise" and accept all but one or two.  And of course, anyone who ojects for any reason will be demonized as siding with child killers, or be a bunch of d@mn Bible readers or rednecks or something.

The next 6 months to a year will the the most important fight defending our Constitutional rights we have ever faced. 

Given the highly emotional nature of the Connecticut madman's monstrous mayhem, even more ill-informed people will be acting out of emotion, despite their total ignorance of the details they are proposing.  Congresscritters are worst of all, since they care only about polls, not facts.

The lucrative "Big Mental Health" industry will be twisting this to blame guns, but extract more funding for their programs to keep crazy people on the streets, and fight any institutionalization.

Everyone needs to join the NRA, if not a member.  Upgrade your membership if already a member.  Send a LARGE contribution to NRA-ILA to help them fight the coming tidal wave of lies from the other side.  Participate in your local letters to the editor and news media discussion forums to help shape public opinion.

Or, kiss your guns, and freedom good bye.
If anyone is tracking these things, SWWBO is a Life Member of the NRA and the Armorer is a "Benefactor" super-life member.

And I'm a member of Gun Owners of America.

And Rotary, if we're counting...

Geez, and I settled for a 22 caliber Remington 500.  Who knew ???
I've fired one of these things.  It's a Cadillac, like just about anything mechanical coming from Switzerland.
Nah, if life and the humans have used you badly and you're feeling all mean and grumpy, shooting up schools and screwing around with light antitank weapons just ain't gonna do it.

  I warned you people back in 1955 about my nuclear-catalysis discovery, and even had L. Sprague de Camp write it up for Astounding! Why haven't I blown up the planet yet? I guess I'm "just a squish", and keep wanting to give you people just one more chance. 

Heck, I even published an article on how to do it, and none of you other pussies has blown up the planet yet, either!
As I recall, these were also available, and cheap:

In '64, as a 16 year-old, I walked into "Andy & Bax Surplus", looked at racks of fabulous rifles from all over the world, for not much money, and plunked down $76 for a brand-new Belgium Browning "Challenger" .22 cal pistol, and walked out. Didn't sign anything or show id.

On any given nice-day there were 30-50 guns in lockers at my high-school, as many went plinking on the way home.
NEVER a "School Shooting".
The guns were there. The kids were there.
Something ELSE changed...

 The country used to be semi-sane. Then the anti-american left began to rise to the point it has reached now. Those people ain't patriots, they are exactly the opposite.
My small town south east Idaho high school was armed to the teeth during hunting season in the 70's.  A deer rifle & a 12 gauge in nearly every car... To include the principal & teachers.  Never a shooting or even the threat of a shooting.  Yes, something has changed.
Now do you people see why I want to blow up the whole planet?  Somehow,  planting anti-personnel mines very thickly on golf courses just doesn't seem sufficient to me!

(Will somebody please recognize my literary allusion, here?  ---Jtg)
 Professor "Wade" Ormont is as big a bone as I'm going to toss you, JTG.
Oww! A hit, a palpable hit!
Target, Armorer. FFE!