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The New Coast Guard Cutters...

 ...under Sequestration.

H/t Heath, for reminding me I'd overlooked the Coasties!


I always thought that was the Canadian Navy, standing to . to fight terror.

But since you explained it ... I can see there will be no change in the Coast Guard capabilities.

I had two Coastie instructors in 'A' school. It was funny to watch the Coastie Chiefs fight with the Navy Chiefs. It was all good natured though. One of the roughest insults was to call the Coasties "Hooligan Navy." The retired Coastie I had as my advisor at Tenn Tech (former department head of Electrical Engineering at Canoe U, Jr.) told me in class, rather tiredly, "call us anything but Navy."

In my favorite Platoon Sergeant's fine tradition, it moves so they put a gun on it.  I'm not at all sure it would still move, though, if they put another gun on it.
11B40, it would move if they put another gun on it,

downward is moving.
I want a live-fire demonstration....
I'm pretty sure the gun would provide more thrust than the motor. Build up all the speed you can before firing a burst.
"Build up all the speed you can before while firing a burst."

Fixed it for you.