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Merry Christmas!

 Keep your family close, and have a wonderful day today.  Make the most of this one, just because there might not be any more.  That's how the Kidz live their lives, as if every day was their last!


Bad news: I'm in Shanghai.
Good news: I leave in a few hours and the tailwinds are forecast to be about 170 knots. Yesss!
Merry Christmas to all! 
 Dang near rocket-powered then!
Your Christmas greetings remind me of a funny incident that happened between my Dad, my older Brother and myself. My Brother and I came home for Christmas. He came from an area near Santa's Workxshop, to be fair and honest, it was an isolated site with the Military. He had been away for quite a while. If we were honest it was actually a different era. Again, if we were honest, I would admit, the old homestead went from a isolated rural site to a suburban site, with children. One day he walked into the old house, my parents were sitting there, mosly reading. Well, my brother, my friend and I getting ready to leave. My brother has just wallked into the house and says, "Where do all these kids come from?" It was at this point in time, as if on queue, Dad and I look at each other with this stupid smirk on our faces. My brother sees this and says, "Either of you, don't say a word!" Now it becomes Mom's turn. Please understand, Mom was a very proper lady during her adult life, but she also had a sense of humor. It was Mom, who drove the final  coffin nail for my brother. She asked him, "What would they say?" She wouldn't let go, she made him explain himself. Ironically, she would explain herself to him later on in the day, before we left. He left that day with a newfound repect her and a deeper love for her, but that was a two-way Street. I'll never forget it. On the day my dad died, he would talk about that incident. This all hapaened on a Christmas Day about 36 years ago. I think all of us learned that day,

By the way, all of you, that are attached to this Wonderful Castle of Argghhh,  including the animals, they play an important role in our lives. In many different ways, the anials bring their own joy into our lives. This includes all of us, anywhere or anyway,  have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  2012
Merry Christmas to John and Beth, and all the inhabitants of their farm and their hearts! Keep Bill in your thoughts these days too, and may he whirly bird on home safely before long. Enjoy the blessings of this day, and every day we are graced to have!
Merry Christmas, John and Beth, and to all of yours, and to those here this wonderful day.
 My DSL has been down all day. Hope it was a good day for all. Now I gotsta gewt my innertubez fix.