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How to earn your capital "C" in "Collector"...

 Or, how I earned my merit badge.

How to tell you are a "Capital C" collector...

When you have two Vickers machineguns so that you can have both the smooth and corrugated waterjackets, and really pine for another one, so you can have a "five arch" receiver, too. And you have the various types of belts, ammo boxes, gunner's shoulder pads and a *full* platoon parts chest, to include the parts tins full of parts (all three of 'em, and your water jacket repair kit (in the lid) is complete. Well, except for the parts covering that simulated hole in the water jacker on the corrugated jacket gun (so chosen to show how the repair kit patch deals with the corrugations) and... filled the parts chest according to an *actual* parts kit inventory sheet you just happen to have (though you are pleased to have it, you sort of regret that it is post-war (1949) vice wartime). But it's Australian, and your parts chest is Canadian, and you've got parts from South Africa and New Zealand, as well, so you're generally satisfied. That is how you earn your capital "C" in "Collector."


 You got all the cool toys!  
What I find astonishing is that so much of the ancillary kit has survived to the present for you to collect.
Indeed an amazing collection. I concur with Acad on the equipage. All too often the fiddly bits get lost in the shuffle, never to surface again.
Heresy!  Mixing VIckers "stuff" and MG-34 stuff all together.  It's all neat fun, though.
 Well, the "present" does date back to the 90's. That said, inherent military conservatism and governmental inertia deserve credit. The Turks, Aussies, South Africans, and Indians didn't surplus their kit out until the late 90's.
But did you know that the decision by the government of the Union of South Africa to participate in WWI caused an actual armed revolt (by Boers who had no love for the English) in said country?

And I do believe that the Second Anglo-Boer War was the first in which Maxims were used by both sides.
 Heartless - yes, I did.  

J(NTA) - Consider it a "Vanquished at the foot of the Victor" scene, since the Vickers guns themselves sit just outside the frame at the upper corners.

You got the merit badge? I bet. I'm sure SWWBO would tell me you're no Boy Scout.

Well, at least he hasn't left any campfires burning when he beamed back up to the Enterprise. (No, I don't know what movie that was from.)
 Star Trek V. The one directed by Kirk his ownself.
You left out the 'ne plus ultra' of being a 'Capital C collector', i.e. the recurring 'sharing' of your treasure trove for the purpose of causing wailing and gnashing of teeth among those of us that are less acquisitive. I will now go fondle the one, lone collectible that I own, and cry in my beer.
Well, there is that...