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Hoist on your own petard.

 Irony, thy name is Gregory.

I went into this on Facebook when it happened.  I obviously never got around to putting it up here on the blog.  Here's what I said on Facebook (though I'm more interested in what happens with CNN's dunderhead Lemon):
Looky! Our self-appointed social consciences can't obey the existing laws, but they're all for adding to them.

I would note in the case of Mr. Lemon, that unlike when he got his driver's license from the DMV, he underwent a background check via NICS when he bought that rifle... that's what the phone call the dealer made was for, and why it took 20 minutes. In the time he bought that rifle, he was checked, federal, state, and local.

Good thing he's paid his parking tickets... Of course, one does wonder if Colorado will go after him for violating their law. Of course, I may have to call BS on his version of the story, because if what he said is accurate, that dealer screwed up, too. Which makes me wonder if Mr. Lemon doesn't have a truthiness, or at least accuracy, problem.

Here is the link to the article regarding Gregory's weltschmerz at The Patriot Perspective that prompted that bit of shadenfreude.  Mind you, one wonders if the DC police don't have better things to do.  I think a strongly worded lecture delivered to Mr. Gregory by the DC prosecutor after having him apprehended and perp-walked to the meeting in chains might be instructive.   After all, many of his ilk feel that is minimally appropriate treatment for the likes of me and thee...

I wonder how Mr. Gregory might feel about now regarding the near wholesale abandonment of the legal concept of mens rea in US jurisprudence?


The media have a long and sordid history of violating the laws of the United States and the several states.  Laws protecting against disclosure of classified information are the first that come to mind, but the press is fond of breaking any law that they find inconvenient and an affront to their own particular philosophy. They usually do so blatantly, daring the law to do something about it. Only rarely are they thrown in jail, usually by some judge whom has grown weary of their dramatic defiance.

They believe that they are above the law, in Gregory's case, that extends to his kids as well.  The peasants are not to be allowed to do anything to actively protect their children from homicidal maniacs, but Gregory's kids enjoy the protection of private armed guards at their school. A school located in the District of Columbia, oh by the way.
People like Gregory make it tempting to resurect the old tradition of lynching.
While it would be fun to watch some real fireworks over this, I'm not going to break out the popcorn just yet. The reason these media types act like they're above the law, is simply because they are, and know it. My gut feeling tells me that this will be very much downplayed, with a 'Tut-tut, naughty, naughty.', and then the press will bury it, like they do so much else that goes on in the world. If it doesn't fit the Narrative, it's not fit to report.