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Do As I'm Commanding You

...and not as I do:


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...with a video. The rotary-wing contingent over at the League of Extrordinarily Grumpy Majors (I am ronin from that group) has found a video that Hollywood tried to whip Lefty sentiment up to "make a plan" {to (evidently) seize guns}, all, that is, ex... Read More


 That's giving them some rotor-slap upside the head, sir!
I was an infantryman, paratrooper, AMTU Top Team sniper graduate, and 80th Infantry Division Drill Sergeant, and I trained my wife, my daughter, local professional women who wanted to learn, and several nephews responsible use of firearms. None of us have every shot an innocent either through negligence or intent. (Several of us may have sent wolves of various colors to their just reward, however. I don't keep count.) So Hollywood can shut up about the firearms debate. Sniper, out.
Waco....Ruby Ridge....SWAT teams across the country......but we won't talk about that, huh?
 James E Dean, Army Reservist- I think Lex did it the best-
 I hated that story as did Lex. The preoblem with those "SWAT" teams is they take cops, make SEAL wannabes whose only tool is a hammer, for whom everything looks like a nail. They then hammer it and call it good. In that story, they weren't sheep dogs, they were wolves. Frankly, I've grown to dislike cops unless they can show they deserve my trust. Unfortunately, few disappoint me.

The Sheriff was a personal friend when I was County Engineer and I explained why I had come to dislike cops in general. He said he had acquired the same dislike of the city slicker cops and for the same reason. The Columbus City Police was headed by an idiot, and the Franklin County Sheriff (the county where Columbus, OH lies, was a moron. Seems no one liked the Franklin County Sheriff.
 QM, The story that Lex is telling occurred in St Mary's County, MD. Eventually, the MD State's Attorney did an investigation on this shooting. The County Prosecutor actually made the choice to take the shot. Google it, you may have a "different opinion".
 Bad Link! "Dean_Death_Investigation.pdf" Sorry, about that.