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Continuing my quest... further drive down the visit meter by posting boring stuff this holiday season - another Fire Direction artifact. This time a Commonwealth "belly board" set that would have been used by Battery Commanders in their forward OPs.

Oh, no, we're not done. We've got some Australian kit coming, along with Swiss. Then we can move on to mortars!

At least Senator Feinstein isn't targeting this stuff - yet. Though I'm sure all this raw talent w/kit is making the HLD people nervous... "Yanno, perhaps we *should* lobotomize all the combat arms retiree types..."

Probably driving up my Google/Bing/Dogpile visits tho...


 Yeah, but have you been Banned in China? The Rivrdog Blog can boast that distinction...
 Dusty, who flies through Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong a lot has noted we're sometimes accessible, sometimes not.
 Never got to use one, but saw the belly boards or similar in use in our OP's when I was a young plug. As I joined in 76, the gun techs were moving from plotters to HP14 calculators with EPROM memory. they were slower to use for intial targeting, but easier to update target records when the battery moved.
So when are you going to do a video on how to use this stuff?
 When Ambien can't put people to sleep anymore?
 Almost but not quite the same as my trusty ole M-16 (l/h side of photo)
 Further, scratching way back in my memory around 54-55 I seem to recall a "baby" m-16 (about half size) down at rifle company level in the weapons platoon.  It was used with the 60mm mortar section.  Can you verify this?

Phil Drew
Question for any active duty artillery guys:  Do they still teach and require practice in manual techniques for fire control?  Reason for asking, if during some future battle someone pops a nuke, the EMP would probably disable a good portion of the smaller electronic devices and GPS.   A backup method would be needed, provided of course you can receive requests for fire somehow.    

George V.