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Way To Go Jerome!!!

Wait for it...

...Aaand, like a locust, he moves on to forage on virgin ground.



That is genius.  Pure genius.   I gotta swipe it and send it to my friends.
Doubling down on stupid. Maybe the new school will look at who and what happened to the old school?
To quote some prog, "it's fake but accurate".
And if you go to Youtube, you can see some of the rest of his masterpieces.

I guess I should not say " Truck, Chain, Gravel Road"?
How can someone be that blind?  Is this for-real?
Why doesn't he send his daughter to Jerome's school to help diversify it? Why did he not move to Jerome's neighborhood? Hypocrite much?

He just wants to bring "diverse" students to his lily whitebread world as basically pets.  Objects of curiosity to make him feel better about himself.

I love how a stabbing is a "diversity problem". Yeah. The stabbed individual was obviously not respectful of the "knife enhanced" individual.

This has to be a put on...I hope.
Very funny because it rings so true.  But, the bookshelf is a dead giveaway, this guy looks like a CGSC grad to me.
 I throw the satire flag.
Very well may be satire ... I still say  ... "Truck Chain Gravel Road"? I work in education .. want to meet some?
 I admit, Jim, I don't get your reference.

And satire works because it's mostly true.

"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift, anyone?

(Thank goodness for the bookcase, like Ivncenturion said, 'cause he was starting to stress me a little.)
What I mean is I am so tired of Barking Moonbats who work in education spouting this same stuff.
Diversity is good, it's how we can get gunners onto the battlefield.

Boq, you're a sadist.
Yeah, the bookcase never changed and I would have hoped that over three years he would have evened up those sideburns.   Satire can be effective.
Sadist! Oh yeah.  Even if it's just a satire, that's exactly the line of scrambled logic, that I have to contend daily in this so called People's Republic of Suburban Maryland.
I hear it all the time in lovely, tolerant,diverse, and inclusive Sonoma Co. CA, Boq. 
To quote some prog, "it's fake but accurate".

Either my memory has gotten worse than ever, or you've got another MikeD.  Cause I don't recall posting that.

I won't swear to it however, since my mind is like an iron sieve.  Rusty and full of holes.
You didn't post that, MikeD1.  Apparently, we have a MikeD2.  Different email addys.