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The Week of the Generals...

It's interesting how the view shifts from person to person.   The comments in yesterday's post are illustrative.

My interest doesn't really lie in the fact that the General banged his hagiographer. It's wrapped in the hypocrisy that ties it all together, and makes the story the story.

I am tired of having been one of the guys who sent someone to the USDB for adultery (admittedly not for the adultery per se, but because there was also a senior-subordinate relationship involved) and watching guys like General David "The Parking Space Nazi" Petraeus get a pass because they successfully passed a rank threshold.  While some would argue that the fact they served at such high levels means they should get treated differently is at best an "extenuatng and mitigating circumstances" argument that is made *after* conviction, and during sentencing.  I would argue that exactly the opposite applies, and that they are *aggravating* conditions, making it worse...  but I'm mean like that.  But it showed up with former General Ward of AFRICOM.  The extenuating and mitigating circumstances got him a retirement as a Lieutenant General, vice General (no real consequences) or Major General (the maximum penalty since they found no criminal wrong-doing).  And he has to pay back the 82K he misused.  

Don't get me wrong - I would rather we have the 'prosecutorial discretion' than be rigidly prescriptive. But I think hammering the double-standard, publicly, is important. Because one thing they don't get at that level is that "keeping it quiet to prevent people from losing confidence in the GO corps" means *exactly* the opposite.  The MSM has arguably lost that ball in regards to certain elements of the population.  It's one reason blogs rose up.

I don't apologize for that.



"The Weak of the Generals"  ??? 
Agree - however, Caldwell was the Parking Space Nazi --- I remember it well.  Just sayin'. ML