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Thanksgiving, 2012

This image shows a M1937 Field Range being used by WWII Soldiers on Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving time, Sgt Louis S. Wallace, Meadville, Miss., prepares two of the many thousands of turkeys that have arrived from the states. U.S. Army Quartermaster Miami-Valley Veterans-Museum

 Lieutenants Tim and John Donovan both ate food cooked on M1937 Field Ranges and out of mess kits and canteen cups like that, wearing essentially those helmets, up into the late 80's.

Happy Thanksgiving all - especially the troops in remote and oft-times dangerous places, many of whom are spending their first Thanksgiving away from home, others having lost count of how many they spent eating from mess kits and now with the family.


 Happy Thanksgiving, John!

Many blessings on the day for those of the Castle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias a Todos!
Happy thanksgiving from up North, we had our turkey last month. Man that stove brings back memories, we used a slightly more modern version in our flying kitchens.
Hey, that does not look like how us sailors cooked our turkeys.  Navy mess trays are a decided improvement over mess kits.  Wardroom china is even finer.

Mabye a little baked Alaska for dessert sometimes.

And, what Lex wrote last year was equally true of the troops shown in the photo above:

"Uncertain winds blow outside, and there are wolves in the forest. But we have stout guardians who patrol the nearer and farther borderlands, young people far from their own homes whose physical safety is not assured but whose hallmark courage has been tested again and again over the last decade, and not found wanting in the least."

It really is worth reading his whole post-

A happy Thanksgiving to John and Beth, and all of you here.
I hope everyone here had an enjoyable Thanksgiving today. I'm at my Son's in Independence, MO and it's been a nice day. Considering he and I were awake until 0300 simply talking. We hadn't seen each other since last Christmas and it was enjoyable. Leaves his old man a bit peaked, however.
Reminds me of Thanksgivings Fort Brag, winter meals at Fort McCoy, meals in the field from Fort Sherman, Panama to Camp Rudder and Aldershot with the British Airborne. Thanksgiving with my Airborne brothers was good no matter where in the world we were, or where we are today. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, all my brothers and sisters in arms. Airborne, all the way. (Sua Sponte to my Ranger friends!)
"at Fort Bragg"
Greetings to all the folks at "The Castle" this fine Thanksgiving weekend.

And a thanks to John(NTA) for the link to Lex's Thanksgiving post.

Best Regards

Rich in KCK
 I spent Thanksgiving 1969 flying in hot turkey dinners to troops in the field and small, out of the way, outposts. When I was finally done, it was too late for me to get a turkey dinner for myself and the crew. I didn't really mind. The folks most deserving were fed.