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Old Message Found

An old Top Secret message has been found, 68 years too late.  But what does it say?

Full story: HERE



 Welcome home, soldier.
The mind wanders as to what the message could be, some key intel that could have ended the war sooner? Specfific details taht could have led to the demise of Herr Nutjob years quicker? Or even worse.. "Its a cookbook!!!"

Most likely it's probably just some low level housekeeping traffic..

"Gentlemen, the 45th regiment, engineers detatchment formally requests to resubmit our last request denied for more Spam, toilet roll, supply requisition forms and carbon paper to be delivered asap, yours truly, CPL W. O'Rielly."

 Well, since they managed to get off the beaches on day one, I'm guessing it was more like "We've secured Objective Able, moving on to Baker."
A bit more info here:

"Inside the capsule, he discovered a coded message with crucial clues as to the provenance of the bird. The message, for instance, was marked as a duplicate to a message carried by 37DK76. (The first two numerals indicated the pigeon’s year of birth.) It was addressed to “xo2,” now thought to be code for bomber command.

The fact that two birds had been dispatched with the same message, and that the message was in code, seemed to suggest that it might have been carrying word of some major development. "

Duplicates, in code.  Interesting.  And, according to the NYT piece, neither birds number in the official register.