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Oh, btw -

For those of you who were eligible to vote, but who didn't vote, as a protest, or because you just couldn't be bothered?

You did, in fact, vote.

You voted for the winner.

You may think you don't own the outcome, because you didn't play.


You own the outcome.

Don't whine.

You got what you voted for.

Me, I can whine...


I know the final numbers aren't in yet, but it sounds like the Worst President Ever to Get Reelected only got roughly the same number of votes as McCain did last time around.

Not exactly the ringing endorsement that the TASS/Pravda media complex is claiming.

Also says something about the Romney campaign.

And the massive disillusionment of the American electorate.
I am told that Romney's GOTV campaign, known as Project ORCA, was a major screw up.

A nation wide system that was never stress tested and then rolled out after business hours the day before the vote. What could go wrong?
And all the Paul-bots pulled the lever ( or touched the screen) for Obama, a true paragon of libertarian principles.
Me too.

Based on news reports Colorado, Illnois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania had rampant voter fraud in certain counties and cities it seems that 71 electoral votes may have been stolen.  Also, why didn't all the McCain voters vote for Romney?  Those that didn't couldn't have moved or died off.  Your point about not voting is dead on. 
A-  Credit where credit is due- Obama's minions have been working their email lists hard for a year to get people to donate ($3 or $5) which creates a sense of commitment and loyalty and likelihood to vote.  They were sending at least one a day, often 4 or 5 of these from Barack, Michelle, Slow Joe, Plouffe, etc so readers thought that the Prez and his cronies were communicating tith them personally.  They have also been "organizing" stressing voter registration (everyone living, dead, or their pets)  with social media and door to door contacts, and phone calls.  They have organized teams from neighboring states to go to swing states to work there for a weekend or longer.  They organized phone banks for months to call people in swing states.

B-  The Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) have consistently lied, twisted or omitted stories to make Zero look good and make any Republican look like the Devil incarnate. 

C-  Many of the "missing" Republicans who voted for McCain but did not show up for Romney are likley deceased members of the "Greatest Generation."  Youngsters entering the voter ranks are the dumbed down products of the indoctrination camps known as "government skools."

D-  Rampant voter fraud- four wards in ghetto Philadelphia with 99% turnout?  Lots more of that all over the country.  How many illegals voted?

E-  Funding- Republicans were still fighting and spending money attacking each other long after the Dems began systematically lying and destroying any Republican who appeared to be gaining ground.  "EMILY's  List" is  a left wing effort that provides early funding ("Early Money is Like Yeast") that in turn encourages other people to contribute and allows early advertising.  Republicans waited too late to get big advertising going, or to attack Obama.

F-  Republicans ignored the young voters- social media users who never read newspapers, but get "news" from comedy shows, or pop crap like Leno, Oprah, etc.  Republicans failed to educate the young voters that THEY will be paying for all the"free stuff" and will never get a dime of social security.

G-  Women voters- most women tend to react more to emotion or feeling than to thinking or facts.  So they were not moved by factual explanations, but fell for "help the poor" and similar crap.  (Myers-Briggs....)

Bottom line is that Republicans tried to convince people with facts, but lost because so many of the electorate are stupid, greedy, or less motivated by facts.  Democrats picked off small segments of voters with different campaigns, instead of an overall plan.  They also fight dirty and fight to win.  Republicans were afraid to attack for fear of being called "Racist!"

Dems won, and our country lost.  Perhaps forever.
I'll say it, because I know John is thinking that I'm going to ...... Gramsci.

It has taken the Left at least 2 generations to indoctrinate, maleducate, brainwash, and condition Americans into ridiculing and rejecting traditional American values and into accepting their warped, socialist, utopian perspective of how America and the world should be.

Even if we started to reverse this trend today, it would take generations to undo that kind of programming to save America.

But we simply don't have that much time.  We've reached the tipping point, and America is headed into a total economic collapse because, as Thatcher said, we're going to run out of other people's money.  We will be Greece soon.

Perhaps after this collapse, people will wake up and understand what happened.  But I doubt it. They will probably still blame Bush.

I see no hope for America.  None, whatsoever.

It's fight or flight time for me, and it only makes sense to fight if you think things can be corrected.  Unfortunately, this correction simply cannot occur before the collapse and all the violent nastiness that will ensue.

It's time to leave.  But to where?  Unlike German Jews in the 1930's who saw the gathering storm, there is no America to flee to, and the other options are severely limited.

Since it looks like we're headed into a Pacific Century, I think Austrtalia and New Zealand are the best options, although in many ways, they are the same kind of socialist hells that I'm fleeing.

But New Zealand is remote, and I think they would be best able to control their immigration the longest. And the immigrants they are currently getting are more like people like me, fleeing from the other Anglosphere socialilst hells, with some Chinese thrown into the mix.

Shame they've got all that tectonic and volcanic activity, though.  Especially on the South Island.  LOL
Kevin - I said *didn't*  vote.  If you voted, you're not covered by this post.

So there.
...and, I thought you were a different Kevin, my Libertarian buddy!
It never fails to amaze me that so many people of my, umm, "neural persuasion" tend to trend left, seeing that we generally tend to be pretty smart. Well, we _are_ also famously gullible...
For those griping about fraud, please cite hard evidence, or quit complaining. I honestly expected Romney to win, and expected the Dems to cry foul! Instead, I have to listen to youse. :-/

Remember all the jokes about Obama being a "community organizer?" Yes? Well that connects well with the ability to get in touch with every single body, block by block, district by district. That was one of the reasons Obama won in '08; he had a very strong ground game, and his people got out the voters.

Fast forward to this year, and what happened? Despite an enthusiasm gap, Obama's people hit the streets again, and while they didn't match the last elections numbers, they got enough. A friend of mine is a self-described yellow-dog Democrat, so I've been current with her Facebook mentions of her work the past six months. The "D"s concentrated on key precincts in key states, and won.

Let's be blunt here; just in Ohio & Pennsylvania Obama won because he did get near 100% turn out in the black communities. Despite the unemployment, higher prices, lower wages, etc, they still voted for him, because he's black. Samuel Jackson did everyone a favor by saying, flat out, that he voted for Obama because he's a brother.

Intead of complaining about what the other side accomplished (aside from learning useful lessons), let's look at the numbers, which are already up on Wiki.

129,391,711 voted in 2008. 119,413,258 voted in 2012. Thats 9,978,453 (7.7%) fewer voters. Obama lost about 8.2 million votes compared to '08. Romney got 1.7 million fewer voters than McCain did. Those people didn't switch parties or candidates, they just didn't vote.

For Ohio in particular (especially the "fraud" fans), some more numbers. There are a handful of counties in dense urban areas with predominately Democratic voters. Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) is the big one, after which we have Franklin County, Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Montgomery County, and Summit County. In those five counties alone, Obama beat McCain 1,318,634 to 852,627. He beat Romney 1,231,244 to 810,957. 

Again, Barry lost votes in every one of the counties I listed, but those votes didn't go to Romney.  Obama ran up a 236,478 margin in Cuyahoga County alone, which was enough to push him over the top. For those inclining to blame everything on Mitt, Obama won that county with 68.9% of the vote in '08, and 68.84% in '12. McCain scored 30.0% while Romney got 30.17%. Actually Romney either matched or exceeded McCains scores in all five of those counties.

At the end of the day, John is right. In Ohio, and across the country, a very large number of people all across the specgtrum decided to sit out this election compared to four years ago.

Myself, I can't imagine why. And, no, I'm not being sarcastic.

 There was probably little voter fraud outside of the big cities in Ohio. I used to live in SE Ohio, and never did see anything untoward in the precincts. Different Story in places like Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincy, and Toledo. Never heard of any in Akron or Canton.

Ohio is a strange state. Socially conservative, but they can get really wild eyed at times. That explains sending scum bags like Metzenbaum and Glenn back to the senate time and time again. The cities, however, determine the electoral outcomes in Ohio. For better or worse, they joined the national insanity and sent back the worst set of douche bags that have ever been sent to teh district of corruption.
I really don't know if I voted.  Sure, I mailed an absentee ballot but since 2000 we've seen what Dems do to military absentte ballots.  So I have no idea which, if any, of my votes were counted.

And I hear about how Romney's GOTV sucked and I have to ask, do you really think people sat arounf saying "Golly, I'd love to vote Republican but I haven't gotten the robocall yet?"  For whatever reason they were demoralized or figured there was no point.

Fine.  I agree that if you didn't vote, whatever principle you think you were standing by, you did vote for the guy who won.

As for myself, I have had it with a decade and a half of demonization.  I have been told repeatedly that I am a racist sexist homophobe who wants to enslave Blacks, starve the poor to death, and staple every woman's vagina shut.  Oh yeah, and destroy the planet.  Plus I'm stupid and evil.  So far I have held my tongue but I am at the point where the next prog that mouths off to me is going to be pissing blood and shittign teeth.  They crossed a line and can't walk it back.  I will not be silent ion the face of their slander and blood libel.  Lucky for them (and for me) there are not many of them out in 5thFLT.
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, aceptance

Looks like you guys are at the "anger" stage.  Just keep working through it and tell yourselves that you'll learn something useful from the experience. 
The premise is not quite true. With the electoral college, if you didn't vote, you voted for the candidate who captured your state's electoral votes. Non-voters in Ohio voted for Mr. Obama. Non-voters in North Carolina voted for Mr. Romney. It's hard to see what impact non-voters could have realistically made in places like Kansas (60% Romney) or New York (63% Obama). (Emphasis on realistic. You will never get 100% turnout). 
 You guys are right.

I surrender.  

Not voting was the more principled position, unless it was voting to validate statism, which is apparently the proper thing, from Matt's perspective, such as I can glean it.

Guide us, Matt.  

I don't think there is anything useful to learn from th experience Matt. The elctorate has shown us they are depraved and willing to send some very corrupt people to the district of corruption.

I have repeatedly stated that slavation will not arrive on Air Force 1. The trend of human society has been in one direction, downward. There have been occasional blips upward, such as the founding of the US, caused by peoples that place God's ways first in their lives, even if they don't accept Christ as Lord and Savior. When God is ignored, you get things like the unplesantness of 1860-1865, 1914-1918, and so on. You also get an FDR, LBJ, Clinton, and now Obama. Obama was elected simply because teh elctorate has become so decadent they can't see beyond their own noses to the welfare of the children and grandchildren. This is unlike what one founder said about war coming in their own lives so that their children can have peace.

People such as yourself, Matt, are more than willing to sell your own children into slavery so you can have what you think is the good life. You aren't going to get it because people like Obama, and his spiritual ancestors, have already set lose forces that brought down the Soviet Union before us. We had, maybe, a very slight chance Mittens would have done what needed to be done to avoid that fate. With Obama, there is a certainty that will avoid nothing of that fate.

Your grandchildren will curse your memory Matt, if Christ does not return before then.
 Matt, I am past the stages you mention. In fact, even though I'm what you would call a "righty", I have no anger at the result. To me, the result proves my point that this Nation doesn't deserve it's democracy anymore.

We deserve some sort of "owned" status, and we shall have it. Oh, it may be a benign ownership of us that our Government has in mind right now, but there is no limit to the statists' ambition, and when we can't be wheedled or cajoled into giving up more of ourselves for the power of the Government, then that Government will apply the lash to our backs.

History, Matt, history. Tell me where a conversion from any form of individualistic governance to Centralized Statism has NOT wound up with an enslaved population. I'm waiting, Matt.
There's a quote from Sun Tzu  "Know your enemy and know yourself"

You thought you were fighting a Kenyan atheist/muslim. socialist/fascist, anti-colonial/anti-American who hates the US flag and is both totally incompetent and incapable of attracting most voters.  

You thought you had a superb candidate backed by the best poilitical minds money could buy: a finely-tuned vote-winning machine that would attract everyone 

My suggestion would be that you examine how you came to believe in both of these things. .  Use the next couple of years wisely

My suggestion is that - next time - 

Actually, Matt, I've been aware for a very long time now that Obama is a straight-up 200-proof Chicago politician afflicted with severe Progressive ideology and aggravated by a bad case of True Believe syndrome. It's a nasty disease.

But that wasn't the question; rather, why did nearly 13 million fewer Americans vote this cycle?

QM: you have placed your finger on one of the great paradoxes of modern politics. Ohio starkly highlights the fact that most black Americans are socially conservative, actively Democratic, and demonstrate a strong preference for Nanny State programs. Note that, in '04, Bush barely beat Kerry, but the state amendment to prohibit any legal contract even approximating marriage (i.e. "legal union") between same-sex couples was passed by a 3 to 1 margin.

 One other angle: 24 States voted for Romney.

I know that this is a bit obtuse for some but on Tuesday night, as a came to the realization that the country as I have known it, no longer exits, confirmed by the second election of the POTUS, I began to get some very deep clarity. In fact I felt relieved; much in the way a person who thinks that they might have cancer but is not certain, is relieved when they actually KNOW that they do.

Twisted, but true.

There is no doubt now. We are a nation as we were in 1775, 1859 and all other times before terrible things befell us. It probably has something to do with "trees of liberty", "creative destruction" and all the other control measures that are implicit in the human experience that requires some massive load of pain to correct otherwise totally dysfunctional civilizations.

By Thursday I had discovered that I no longer felt the same as I did about the flag. It was very visceral. I have served my nation for the better part of my life in some dispicably nasty places and when I looked at the flag I did not see something that resonated. Finding this very uncomfortable I searched the election maps. 24 states voted for Romney. If you don't live in an urban county you most likely did not vote for Obama (New Mexico notwithstanding). The nations producers of food, energy, materials, etc, live essentially in red counties (an odd twist from the Bolshevik organization of farmers etc, the new Bolsheviks are the entitled parasites of the urban world, not the people driving green tractors).

I found the 1822 US Flag, 24 stars with the admission of Missouri, which is somewhat symbolic because in spite of all the hype and the nastiness of St. Louis, the state remains firmly Red.

And so the way I see it, my country is in 24 states. I am flying that flag and my wife and I have decided that it is time to look for bug out property more deeply in that zone. It is what it is. The dysfunction of this nation will not be repaired without profound pain. Sadly, and I mean this, I sent a large check to the ARC for the people of New York and NJ. That will NEVER happen again. They should be allowed, like a petulant child, to experience the result of their choices. My investments are going into the part of this nation that desires the Constitution, that honors their veterans, that believes that former SEALs in godforsaken places need all the backup we can give them and that stealing another man's labor is just that, theft.

It is not pleasant or pretty, it just is what it is, and as I was putting up firewood for winter yesterday I felt brighter and more optimistic than ever. We can expect to see nullification, states opting out on all manner of mandates. Energy rich states will decide to just go ahead and build power plants and start work and if the Federal Goverment says something about it, the states will exercise their 10th Amendment options and carry on. The brain drain has started. Capable, creative people are going to decide to move to places that honor their talents. Doctors will move to states that don't follow the mandates of Obamacare. I know a couple of businessmen who are shutting down their operations and moving into the Red States. The layoffs have begun and the ripple effects into urban service areas will be felt strongly.

All of us got a serious wakeup call on Wednesday. For those of us who have carried the flag for our nation, it was treacherous to realize that 1/2 of our countrymen could care less, but Washington faced far worse. They have been straphangers on all of us for far too long. 1/2 of this nation is tired of it and now it has clearly identified the source of it's fatigue. I think Oklahoma will be quite nice in my twilight years...