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Did I miss the actual demonstration of the product's effectiveness? Just seemed to be a couple of frames of him firing the rifle and some frames of POV down the scope.
Sort of like the difference between older conventional fighters where the weapon release ("pickle") button becomes a "consent button." In other words, you find and designate the target, decide whether or not to engage, and then mash the button on the stick and hold it. When the jet sees conditions acceptable for release, i.e., it thinks the weapon will hit the designated point at that instant based on what the jet is doing in space, it releases the weapon. Handy for when you're in a high-threat area and it's unwise to stabilize on a predictable path for a conventional pass. 

Now...if you could shoot from the hit on the run and nail what you've told the rifle to hit--which is the rifleman's equivalent of what I described above--that'd be pretty cool. 

That said, and I don't know the answer, what if your target has laser detection?
Wow. That could be a game changer. Imagine coupling that with the guided .50 cal bullet they are testing. Lock it on target point in the general direction pull the trigger and leave. Fire and forget .50.
Dude's name is Jason Shotwell.
Good to see destiny is still operational.
Oh, can't wait to hear what The Divine Ms. Di has to say about this!
Hmmm. The clip implies you get a hit even without any training or experience. So unless I missed something, it works wonderfully at 70F, 30.00 baro pressure, 50% humidity, and in a dead calm wind. What's it like in real life ?.
25Z is a tough sell!
Hmm, seems to me anyone incapable of quickly learning basic marksmanship- and let's face it, thats NOT a difficult shot he made- is going to be completely bamboozled by the operation of that system....
Would be interesting to take him on a Dall sheep hunt in Alaska. 5000 feet up, cold, rain, sleet, and 300 yards is considered point blank range. I use a BRNO  602 in .375 H&H with a Zeiss scope and a bipod. A little too much gun for the sheep, but you need some extra punch to get it out 3-5 hundred yards and still hit them hard enough so you don't have to chase them afterward, plus there are a lot of brown bear in the area and shooting one with a 270 just pisses them off. ;-)
That's not a sight,  this is a sight.
 Snerk.  *That* was predictable.  I'm almost surprised you didn't choose this.