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Gun Pr0n, goin' all Euro-style...

 I've tortured you with the M14-style rifles.  How 'bout lets do some FN-style clonage?  As in Brit L1A1s representing the "inch pattern" and an Austrian STG58, the cadillac of the breed, standing in for the "metric pattern" rifles?  

I thought you'd agree that was a good idea.  Let's go from oldest to newest, which starts us off with a SLR (Self Loading Rifle, as termed by the Aussies) L1A1, with wood furniture.  In this case it is Australian coachwood stocks.  This one is a decent shooter.  She's not going to win any prizes without a new barrel, but she'll still hit a man-sized target at 250m.

Next up, a plastic-stocked L1A1 with the standard Trilux sight.  This one is of a vintage to have walked the hills above Stanley in the Falkland Islands.  I don't know that she's a veteran, she just is of the right vintage.  And she's very tired.  Her bore is so worn that she keyholes.  She's earned her retirement.  I'd rather keep the possible history than have a good shooter.  The previous rifle fills that niche well enough.

And we'll finish off with the metric masterpiece, the Austrian Sturmgewehr 58, with metal forearm stocks and integral bipod.  When these were imported, it was during the AWB, so they weren't allowed to come in with their original grenade-launcher muzzle brakes.  This is an aftermarket one designed to mimic the appearance but not the function. You know, because of all those drive-by rifle-grenadings we read so much about prior to our overlords saving us with the ban.  Oh, you didn't read about any either?  Well, clearly it was successful, because there weren't any during the ban.  No - don't think about that too hard.  They don't want you to think about that.  Just go with the flow on that and nod your head like a good subject.


So in your humble opinion and the humble opinions of the readers who have fired both, which is the better battle rifle the M-14 or the FN variants?  I have never had the pleasure of firing an FN battle rifle in any of its variants and wonder which is better. 
I am partial to the M14, but it's also the one I started with, which may affect my perception.  I find the FAL to be a little light at the muzzle (vice, say, the CETME/HK rifles, which I find to be too heavy at the muzzle) for my taste. I would choose an FAL over the HK, too.

 I would probably take the M-14, with an E2 stock, over the FN piece as well. I like teh HK/CETME as far as handling, but, like John, don't like a muzzle heavy piece. I don't like what they do to brass either. If I couldn't get an E2 stock, I'd prolly take the FN. I simply prefer a pistol grip stock.
 Next time you visit, QM, we'll see how you like the E2 stock. You might be surprised...